Radford Motors proved at Pikes Peak that their supercar can set a record time. Now 12 lucky people can do it again.

On the starting grid of the Pikes Peak race, you can see a number of customized specials, which the teams guard like a precious treasure. The Radford Motors brand, however, is taking a different route and will offer its special, with which it conquered the mountain this year, in twelve copies to the public.

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The road Type 62-2 is built on the basis of the older Evora. In addition, the Track Car Edition Series has a carbon body, additional reinforcements, a different rear shape and a specific chassis. It must withstand more demanding circuit conditions and work with greater power. Engineers moved the 3.5-liter six-cylinder fork from 600 to 710 horsepower. Thanks to this, the racing car conquers 96 km/h in 2.2 seconds and then continues up to 257 km/h. Since this is a custom build, you can have the car with one or two seats, and you even choose which side you want the steering wheel on.

The price is around 22.29 million crowns, but in addition to the car you will get complete racing support with everything and the car will be handed over to you ceremoniously by Jenson Button, one of the founders of the company. Accessories include a custom Sparca racing suit and boots, helmet, Salt goggles and gloves. You will gain access to a racing school run under the supervision of Jenson Button and Tanner Foust. He took the race version of Pikes Peak in a record time of 09:37.326 seconds, so he really knows how to drive this thing fast. At the same time, it naturally aroused interest in the car.

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And finally, you get full racing support for your chosen events and special Mac Tools. This means that Radford Motors will set up your car for the circuit you want, while Yokohama will take care of supplying the matching sets of tires.