Another SUV for the party, isn’t it too much? Surprisingly no, Cadillac needs exactly such a model.

In the summer of this year, the Escalade received an electric version of the IQ, and it must be noted that it is a handsome giant overflowing with luxury. But not everyone needs such a temple on wheels, so Cadillac will add the smaller SUV Vistiq to its offer right from the 2026 model year. It’s a reasonable step, because the third in the batch of this year’s novelties is the basic Optiq crossover, and it is, on the contrary, small. The current Lyriq, on the other hand, is more about style than practicality, so the Vistiq will also be superior to it.

The giant Cadillac Escalade has received an electric version: Extreme in all respects.  And for a decent price

The Vistiq is a nice compromise that gravitates towards its bigger brother in terms of design. It borrows vertical headlights from the Escalade, complete with LED daytime running lights in the upper part. This is connected by a wide chrome strip, which also forms the edge of the integrated radiator grille with a geometric motif.

Cadillac Escalade celebrates 20th birthday with special equipment.  A key element is the paint, which is inherited between models

The stern is also familiar. We recognize the tapered rear pillar and vertical headlights. An interesting element referring to the Lyriq SUV is the graphically identical strip of lights, which here has been integrated into the rim of the window on the trunk lid. More detailed specifications, including the interior, will be published by Cadillac in the course of next year. The prices should also be known.