Photo: Sleipnir Tours

Sleipnir 2 tires are 1.65 meters in diameter.

It is a 12-meter monster named Sleipnir 2 with a drive to all eight wheels, which wears tires with a diameter of 1.65 meters. The height of the special is 3.8 meters, while the width is 3.25 meters, therefore it would be excessive in European conditions, however, who would take any European regulations in Iceland… On the other hand, the model complies with EURO 6 and consumes 40 liters of diesel per hundred.

Inside you will find 47 comfortable leather seats with their own control panels (+2 seats in the front), wide glazing for breathtaking views, wireless Wi-Fi for instant shared experiences, LED lighting and a relaxation room.

Photo: Sleipnir Tours

You will find two seats in the front, then another 47 in the back.

In addition to the beauty of the Langjökull glacier, you can admire ice caves, thermal springs or waterfalls with the Tatrabus all year round. Individual tours with the Tatra Mountains are not even expensive, because a basic four-hour trip costs CZK 3,745, while a 12-hour one costs CZK 5,700.

Sleipnir 2 thus proves once again that there is interest in the Czech Tatra around the world, thanks to its unique features and modularity. We like the Tatrabus Sleipnir 2, what about you?