Mechanics are so trained in the movements during a pit stop that they could do it blind. This is exactly what the members of the Red Bull Racing team tried.

In 2009 came the refueling ban, making the stops in Formula 1 extremely short. Pit stop mechanics train tirelessly and, for example, in Oracle Red Bull Racing, they manage to change tires in less than two seconds. Their movements are precisely learned, you could almost say they could do it blindly. And that’s exactly the kind of challenge the mechanics of the Austrian stable faced.

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The opening part was run under lights, with all but the mechanics with jacks and driver Calle Helba wearing their visors covered. The first times were between eight and nine seconds, but after some practice the team got to 4.93 seconds. Then the lights went out completely and Max Verstappen’s RB23 was plunged into darkness. The progress of the exchange was monitored by cameras supported by infrared lights, and the men with jacks and the driver were given night vision goggles.

In these conditions, the team managed a sub-8 second exchange, but got closer to four seconds on the seventh attempt. They ended up completing the entire pit stop in total darkness in 2.84 seconds, a second slower than when they could see their work. That’s a respectable feat.

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In addition, in the video we see new sets of Pirelli medium tires ready for the upcoming season. After signing the agreement with the FIA, Pirelli becomes the exclusive tire supplier until 2027, with a preferential right to extend the contract for another year. The same applies to the Formula 2 and Formula 3 classes.