The parking lot does not have to be an architectural punch in the eye of the city. This one has blended in perfectly with the surroundings and also thinks about nature.

The construction of parking garages in big cities is a necessity, but it is accompanied by frequent aesthetic controversies, because it is not exactly a handsome type of construction. They are inserted quite violently into the character of the city and we take them as a necessary evil. However, in Miami they have a number of parking garages that attract attention in a positive way and in some cases you wouldn’t even recognize them at first glance.

One of them is the relatively new Faena Park complex, which you could easily mistake for a luxury hotel. Japanese architect Shohei Shigematsu decided to cover the facade with round openings through which sea air flows and ventilates the interior spaces. The concrete “honeycombs” from the side are complemented by rich glazing that merges into a strip of skylights.

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Similarly, the glazed Arts & Letters garage in Collins Park cleverly disguises its purpose-built nature. As the name suggests, the designers turned the sides of the building into a fun octagon with illuminated keywords. They draw attention to the presence of a café and a small theater on the ground floor. With 513 parking spaces, the parking garage is one of the largest in the area, and it is also proud of the Parksmart certificate, demonstrating environmental friendliness.

This cannot be denied even to the Ballet Valet complex located on Collins Avenue. With an area of ​​19.2 thousand square meters, it offers 650 parking spaces. The five-story giant is surrounded by three types of exuberant greenery, which is home to local birds. She has won several awards for this approach.

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We are slowly moving from “green buildings” to clean design. The City View parking garage looks modern, although it was built in 2015. It was designed by the Dacra company, which was behind the construction of this neighborhood in 2010. It is actually a work of art by three different creators. The gold, perforated part was created by the Leong Leong studio, the aluminum part with a different geometric concept is the responsibility of the IwamotoScott company. The two ends are connected by a stainless perforated “canvas” with a scene of pool games.

Less than a kilometer away is the museum garage, which is one of the most popular buildings shared on social media. No wonder, from a design point of view, it’s a gem. The two main sides are decorated with four distinctive motifs. The corner is colorful, full of textures and bubble shapes. It is followed by a black-and-white area in a comic concept. Right next to it is a scene from a well-known puzzle game with cars trying to get out of the parking lot. Very apt… The building ends with a red and white checkered part. The museum’s garage is interspersed with fun attractions. There is a playground, an art section, a slide and a ropes course. Still, 800 cars can fit here. The building also attracts with its colorful roof.

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The Wynwood Garage on NW 27th Street has undergone an interesting transformation. Originally a clothing factory, it has been transformed into an eight-storey car park with 428 parking spaces and shops with offices on top. It took on the appearance of a massive giant thanks to aluminum cladding with a 3D motif that looks like ant trails.

In the end, we kept the building nicknamed 1111 Lincoln, standing on the street of the same name. Compared to previous creations, it looks like a project that is still under construction, but automakers love it. BMW presented the XM study here in 2017, the Nissan Rogue also premiered here, and Mazda chose it as the background of its configurator. The cherry on top is the top floor apartment of 492 square meters with a pool and a luxurious view of the city.