Although the Bentley Blower Jnr is not as big as the original, the final testing has the filling almost like a large modern car.

In the last two years, the portfolio of the British company The Little Car Company has grown impressively. You can choose from Aston Martin DB5, Bugatti Baby II, Ferrari Testa Rossa and Tamiya Wild One MAX buggies. Now another model is expanding the offer. This time, The Little Car Company will allow you to get behind the wheel of the most famous and valuable Bentley of all time, the 1929 Bentley Blower racing model, or an 85 percent replica of it with extraordinary authenticity. The manufacturer worked with Bentley’s Heritage Collection to faithfully replicate the car’s unique details.

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The biggest challenge was keeping the proportions, including the edges and folds, with regard to maintaining sufficient space for the crew. It wasn’t easy to adapt the car’s lighting to the regulations either. The Bentley Blower Jnr is handcrafted from authentic materials and made up of 700 parts. The two-piece bodywork stands on a carbon frame and is covered with an impregnated fabric. The hood is handcrafted using traditional techniques and held in place by leather straps.

It is powered by a 15 kW electric motor on the rear axle, which moves the junior to 75 km/h. You should drive around 100 kilometers, which is not bad for a 550 kg car. The battery with a capacity of 10.8 kWh and the electronics are stored in the rear. The chassis with leaf springs and custom-made friction shock absorbers is also faithful to the original design. The braking system consists of a Brembo set on the front axle, the rear can do with drums.

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Although it is a miniature, the final test program is almost equivalent to an adult car. The Little Car Company has prepared a program on three continents, on which the cars will drive 8,000 kilometers. Production is scheduled for next year, but five prototypes have already been built. Due to the holiday season, the manufacturer conceived the testing as a Christmas mission. It begins in Switzerland with the selection of the right Christmas tree for Bentley Blower Jnr to bring to the company party.