You are all familiar with Ferrari cars, and you also all know that they are high-performance Italian supercars that can take your breath away with their parameters and driving characteristics. The last time it happened was at the premiere of the first Purosangue SUV, which is sold out until 2026, among other things.

Foto: Vertical Entertainment

How did Ferrari start and what did it contribute to the creation of Formula 1? You will find out on January 4, 2024.

But do you have any idea how the Ferrari team actually started? Sure, it was founded by a man named Enzo, but what about his son? Did you actually know that Enzo went bankrupt? So how is it possible for the brand to be among the top sports cars in the world? This is what a 140-minute film focusing on the life of Enzo Ferrari and his family will tell you from January 4, 2024.

In addition to the historical-biographical section, you can look forward to adrenaline, speed, mechanical shifting. Cars will race not only on the race track, but also through the streets of Rome, around the Colosseum, day and night. Watch the trailer, it will tell more.

Trailer for Film Ferrari, which starts in cinemas from January 4, 2024.Video: Vertical Entertainment

The big question mark will be whether Enzo will be able to win the prestigious Mille Miglia (Thousand Miles) endurance road race. You certainly know that Enzo spent excessively on racing. And you also know that during this period of racing, death on the track or in training was not unusual.

The main role will be played by Adam Driver, who, for example, played the villain Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars trilogy. Furthermore, you will certainly not be unfamiliar with actors such as Penélope Cruz, Patrick Dempsey and others. Michael Mann (The Last of the Mohicans) then took over the direction.

The film Ferrari will arrive on the silver screen already on January 4, 2024 under the baton of Vertical Entertainment, so the film will reach the network of cinemas CineStar, Cinema City, Golden Apple Cinema, Premiere Cinemas, Cinemax and others.