We are used to meeting the current Mercedes G-Class with its unmistakable silhouette on various occasions, but it cannot be said that it would be a frequent companion for camping enthusiasts. However, the German company Terracamper shows that everything is possible. Its Tecrawl build-in makes the “geek” a great place to live without having to sell a kidney for it.

The centerpiece of the entire building is an elaborate kitchen, which can be “slung out” through the side door. It is equipped with a stove with two gas burners, a whole range of storage spaces and also a removable folding dining table. Alternatively, it can also serve as a bed with dimensions of one by two meters.

Other benefits include a twenty-liter water tank or a 31-liter cooler. The manufacturer advises that the Tecrawl build-in includes the installation of a small mobile toilet (one can be seen in the gallery), but this is not part of the entire package. If you want, you can also purchase a roof tent from the company, which creates sleeping space for up to three adults.

Let’s not forget the last practical little things – flashlight monitor, solar panel with lithium battery or LED lighting and additional heating. Such a load of equipment should satisfy even the most pampered outdoor enthusiasts. Especially considering the price…

The Tecrawl installation will cost 11,000 euros, which translates to almost 270,000 CZK. Considering everything mentioned above, we would expect such a charge to be even more expensive for the “guy”. And if you don’t have a square Mercedes at home, it doesn’t matter. Take a look at the websites of the manufacturer, which offers more or less sophisticated installations for a whole range of cars. Including those used primarily for such purposes.