The smallest SUV from Volkswagen has also arrived in the Czech configurator. You’ll be willing to pay more for better equipment.

The Czech Volkswagen configurator has the latest addition, which is a rejuvenated T-Cross model. You can find out what is new about this car in our previous article, now we can see how much each version costs and what else can be added to them. The basis is a version named T-Cross and will cost 519,900 CZK. There is only one engine available, a 70 kW three-cylinder TSI with a five-speed manual.

You will have 16-inch steel wheels, manual air conditioning, basic infotainment, a digital instrument panel, two USB-C charging ports, a height- and longitudinally adjustable steering wheel or LED daytime running lights. None of this will probably surprise you, today it is such a classic within the basic equipment of the VW concern.

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If you want a little more courage, it’s for you higher equipment Life for at least 571,900 CZK. Here you will already find 16-inch alloy wheels, a parking camera, a multifunctional leather-upholstered steering wheel, longitudinal roof racks or a cornering function. Above all, you can already choose the engine. The mentioned 70 kW liter can be exchanged for a more powerful version with 85 kW, in conjunction with a six-speed manual and a seven-speed DSG. The offer is rounded off by a four-cylinder fifteen-cylinder engine with an output of 110 kW with an automatic transmission. Given the price of CZK 688,900 and the Life’s still fairly dull equipment, we probably won’t see many of them in this specification.

The Style equipment looks interesting for a price from CZK 655,900. It already starts with a 1.0 TSI engine with an output of 85 kW, so compared to the Life, you pay an extra 59,000 CZK. In addition, it has aluminum seventeens, IQ.Light Matrix headlights, adaptive cruise control, six-speaker radio, dual-zone air conditioning or Ready2Discover infotainment. Here, however, be careful that with the 1.5 TSI engine you will reach the three-quarters of a million mark.

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The highest equipment is the R-Line. The price jump from Style is not so significant, it is only twelve thousand crowns. The R-Line largely mirrors the equipment of the previous version, but in addition sports elements such as stainless steel pedals, R-Line side skirts or a few elements in chrome color. The R-Line also has a traditionally sportier appearance, which is mainly helped by the modified bumpers.

If you add items such as Beats speakers, Discover Pro navigation, multiple assistance systems or an inductive mobile phone charger to the car, you can easily get over 800,000 crowns. At least the heating of the front seats would not have to be paid extra for the highest equipment, you will pay CZK 7,500 for this function, but then again, not everyone needs it and does not want to pay for something they do not use.

Volkswagen T-Roc: Czech prices
Motor 1.0 TSI 1.5 TSI
Power (kW) 70 85 85 110
Transmission 5M 6M 7A 7A
Maximum speed (km/h) 180 180 192 200
Weight (kg) 1277 1297 1362 1383
T-Roc price (CZK) 519.900
Life Price (CZK) 571.900 596.900 645.900 688.900
Style price (CZK) 655.900 703.900 747.900
R-Line price (CZK) 667.900 716.900 759.900