When Apple introduced the Vision Pro mixed reality headset, didn’t have a clear release schedule and only said the device would be available sometime early next year. According to a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the indefinite “early next year” means already in February. Apple reportedly in the last few weeks increased production capacity headsets at its Chinese factory with the goal of having the device ready for consumers by the end of January. The plan is that the Vision Pro will be available a month after that.

In addition to the increase in Apple production allegedly sent out an email to the developers, advising them to test their headset apps with the latest tools and submit their software to the company for feedback. According to Gurman, this is another sign of the upcoming release of the device. In his report, Gurman also detailed the steps Apple is taking to launching a new product category. The last time the company introduced a completely new product was in 2015, when it started selling the Apple Watch.

Since the headset has more possible configurations and she could be adapted to the needs of each customer, Apple will likely train retail store employees in January to learn how to attach the headband, the device’s light seal, and how to add prescription lenses to the device. Customers will pay a whopping $3,499 for the Vision Pro when it goes on sale, but Gurman previously said that Apple is working on a more affordable (and less powerful) version that will cost between $1,500 and $2,500.

The February deadline is valid pro USAbut the European markets should follow not long after.

Source: engadget.com