Lancia is inviting to the important premiere by gradually serving information, photos and video samples. In the first picture, for example, we can see a piece of the front parts.

In connection with the examples of the new generation, the Italian car company is also talking about a limited edition, which it named Edizione Limitata Cassina. Only 1,906 units will be produced (the number reflects the year the company was founded) and it will be a purely electric car. The Italian company Cassina, which is particularly famous for its designer furniture, is collaborating with Lancia on the special version.

This cooperation should be reflected primarily in the cabin, specifically in the choice of materials and the design of the interior.

Lancia also highlights the new SALA (Sound Air Light Augmentation) infotainment. It will work on two screens with HD resolution, the environment should be based on widgets that will allow a large amount of personalization.

Lancia YpsilonVideo: Lancia

More information about the new Ypsilon will still come, the well-known graphic artist and virtual artist Nikita Čujko, who works for the motoring website Kolesa, is already coming up with his own idea of ​​how the new small hatchback could look like.

Of course, his vision is based on already available trailers, but in addition to them, it is also inspired by the design of the Pu+Ra HPE concept. The car is mainly interesting with the design of the front headlights, front mask and bumper. Interesting lamps can also be found at the back, a large space on the trunk lid has been given the name of the car manufacturer.

We will find out sometime in February next year how much Nikita got into the look of the new Ypsilon. Technically, the car should be close to the Peugeot 208 or Opel Corsa.

In addition to the Ypsilon, there is talk of two other upcoming models. An unspecified flagship should appear in 2026, it will probably be an SUV, then it is said that the famous name Delta will return. Finally, a note that the future of Lancia is to be connected with electrification.