Compared to 2015, the average value of used cars offered increased by CZK 80,000. This follows from a market analysis by the Aures Holdings group, which operates AAA Auto and Mototechna car dealerships.

“The secondary market is finally starting to revive after three long years since the beginning of the pandemic. In the Czech Republic, by the end of the year, there will be an increase of approximately 10,000 cars year-on-year, in Slovakia even almost 30,000. In Poland, on the other hand, there will be a year-on-year decrease of almost 200,000 cars. But in all countries, from a long-term perspective, there is a noticeable increase during the last nine years, for which we have market data available,” said Aures Holdings CEO Karolína Topolová.

In the Czech Republic, 808,600 used cars appeared in online offers this year, which is 9,000 cars more than in the entire year 2022. Of this, about 8.5 percent were used cars, which replace insufficient new cars.

Czechs most often found diesels in this year’s offer, which made up 55 percent of the ads, gasoline cars accounted for 40 percent. This is an almost comparable share in a nine-year comparison. However, electric cars or hybrids are gradually increasing, which so far make up 2.3 percent of the offer.

This year’s most frequently offered cars were again Škoda cars, which took all three first places. Octavia had a share of 9.7 percent, Fabia 6.4 percent and Superb 3.1 percent. The combi design was in the lead with a share of 28.9 percent.