If you drive around a campsite or a caravanning fair in the summer, white vehicles of uniform shapes with accessories will be looking at you at every turn. That’s why it’s definitely not a bad thing to sometimes leave the established conventions and give a chance to something that would not please the traditionalist, but literally captivated the enthusiast.

We have put together our selection of interesting camper trailers and cars that you can rent or buy in the Czech Republic. And some pieces are seriously worth it!

Off-road Camppass CR650

It’s huge, it’s off-road, it costs over a million, it’s made by Turks, tuned by Austrians and sold by Czechs. What can come of it? After all, something unique that will replace your small studio apartment.

At almost 6.7 meters long, the Camppass CR650 is the largest of the Camppass range and is an off-road trailer equipped with a double bed, kitchen, electric table, bunks and control tablet. Although this model is manufactured by the Turks, it is sent to Austria for additional tuning. From there it travels to the Czech Republic, where the company Svoboda Karavanů (svobodacaravans.cz) sells it from a million and a bit including VAT.

Airborne Iron Yak

It’s nothing new for cars or trucks to be on air suspension, but what about a compact camper trailer that you can also tow behind a Peugeot station wagon? It exists! It’s called Iron Yak, it comes from Poland and was designed by a certain stargazer for his purposes.

This corresponds to the composition of the model, which has, for example, heated distribution systems and an off-road chassis, which is why it is also intended for off-road use. With a length of 4.7 meters, the trailer can also be equipped with a lifting roof or a gas boiler, so you really don’t have to worry about it even in winter. You can easily install it with a shower screen, add a few trinkets and suddenly you have a solid outdoor Hilton.

The model can either be bought for 950,000 CZK or rented for 1,900 CZK per day. They provide everything in Olomouc at Life Style Camper (lifestylecamper.cz).

The cheapest Tomplan TF 3 CL

CL in the Tomplan Polish trailer designation stands for Camping Light, which implies that it will be a cheap bareboat for one adventurer. The interior dimensions of the trailer are 2,040 x 1,100 x 900 mm and standard equipment is a frame, axle, walls, floor, roof, roof racks, mudguards, running boards, single door, sunroof with mosquito net and two side windows.

You have to supply the rest yourself, but for this basic and probably the cheapest mini-home in the Czech Republic with a design speed of 130 km/h, you will pay only CZK 71,753 including VAT at Tanatech (provleky.cz).

Modern retro Baikal mobile home

If you want to go back at least 50 years as a driver, but at the same time drive in a new car, we recommend trying the residential UAZ Baikal, i.e. off-road off-road with a trambus body, a cute cuckoo and poor driving characteristics (compared to modern ones).

This off-roader offers four places for sitting and sleeping, independent heating, LPG drive, shutter, living wall, stove, lifting roof and other equipment. It is not the fastest and most economical car, but we are definitely talking about a modern retro. You can then rent a UAZ 2206 Baikal for a day for CZK 3,000 from r-vehicles.eu (omnirent.cz).

Derubis luxury ship

Calling Derubis a boat may seem a bit bold, but if you look at the exterior design, you will probably understand that the designer of the model had something to do with the boat industry.

This almost nine-meter road luxury caravan boasts an aerodynamic construction (monocoque) without joints, which is why the manufacturer gives it a ten-year warranty. Inside, you will find premium equipment, LED lighting, a refrigerator, a stainless steel sink, a cassette toilet, a bathroom, a large TV, hot water heating and more. You can buy this joke called Derubis from Tanatech (provleky.cz) for 1.34 million crowns including tax.

Adorable Mink

Although it looks like a washing machine, in the 2.0 version it is a highly capable light (520 kg) caravan intended for the most demanding conditions, which is the responsibility of the developers from Iceland. At the back of this adorable caravan you’ll find a kitchenette with lighting, while a 140 x 200 cm double bed hides behind a round door.

The company Tent4rent (minkcamper.cz) sells and rents the Mink 2.0 here, and the basic model costs less than half a million including VAT. Rental for the day will then cost 1,600 CZK.

Authentic retro Škoda 1203

It’s surprising, but even today you can go back to your youth and rent a Škoda 1203 motorhome! The 1976 orange-and-white hatchback boasts a colorful history, having started out as a green wagon but was then transformed into a black hearse for the purposes of the Tell Me series.

As part of the plot of the series, the house was rebuilt in the socialist “what the house gave” style. However, the builders were based on the period prospectus, so behind the seat partition you will find a cabinet with a built-in sink, a shelf and some of the period equipment.

The rest of the space is occupied by a wooden bed with ordinary mattresses for two adults, under which there are about three drawers for things. You can’t fit more in such a small car, which, considering the potential of a 1200 with a four-speed gearbox, is perhaps a good thing in the end.

You can rent the vehicle from CZK 4,000 per day, but if you want to try its bigger sibling, the TAZ 1500, which we tested last May, then take a look at retro-auta.cz.

Extremely expensive Centurion

Do you have 25 million to spare? If so, we have a gift tip for you that will definitely not fit under an ordinary home tree. It is a Concorde Centurion 1200GST, it is a converted Mercedes-Benz Actros motorhome offered here by Bluerent (bluerent.cz).

This 12m pet has a Fiat 500 garage, air suspension, cameras instead of mirrors, digital screens at the front, satellite-controlled adaptive cruise control, 12.8 liter diesel engine (530hp, 2600Nm), ventilated seats, bedroom, lounge, kitchen, satellite TV , air conditioning, bathroom, solar panels, giant battery storage and many other elements. And the price of 25 million is with tax and after a 9% discount.

Electric Buzz

A novelty in Europe is a fully electric camper built on the basis of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz. The interior of the model is similar to the California factory models, i.e. the kitchen on the left, next to the two-seater convertible into a bed, and on top a lifting roof with sleeping. Plus some furniture, independent heating and solar panels outside.

The model is a product of the Polish company Mercus Camper, however, it is offered in the Czech Republic by Karavany Lubná (karavanylubna.cz) for almost 2.8 million crowns including tax.

That was our selection of interesting caravans, trailers and motorhomes that can be bought or rented in the Czech Republic. Although most of the residents are currently sleeping, spring will come in a quarter of a year and then the camping mania will gradually start again. And you have something to look forward to, as we will present a number of novelties in detail! So stay tuned to Garáž.cz even in 2024.