Today, the Hyundai car company has 60 dealerships in the Czech Republic. This year alone, the network has grown by five new ones at strategic locations in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen and Benešov. And the brand announces that it doesn’t end there either.

Further expansion will continue in 2024, when Hyundai plans to open the brand’s facilities in another three to five locations. “Today we have 60 sales and 61 service locations. In this way, we cover all regional cities and we try to reduce the driving distance to dealers for private and fleet customers, who are increasingly demanding the quality services and comfort that our dealer network provides,” explains Ondřej Pospíšil, sales director of the Czech Hyundai dealership.

Hyundai in the Czech Republic does not plan to resort to agency sales. This means that you can buy new cars directly from authorized dealerships of the car company. Due to the loyalty of its customers, the company relies on its authorized dealer network.

Foto: Hyundai

Visitors to the Hyundai Electrified center in Prague’s Stodůlky were the first to see the new electric sports car Ioniq 5 N.

Online sales are also an increasingly common trend in the world of cars. Although it is in its infancy here, Hyundai is also preparing for this possibility. “The Czech customer still prefers personal contact and a visit to the dealership when buying a new car. But we are convinced that the situation may change in the future,” continues Pospíšil.

Cars can currently be purchased online via the Cl!ck to Buy tool, but it only allows for cash purchases. This is to change next year, when the car can be ordered online, including financial services.

Foto: Hyundai

One of the cheapest electric cars on the market will be the Huyndai Casper next year.

“A good opportunity for development in this industry can be the affordable electric car Casper. It will give us a chance to present a product that can be easily configured, and ordering online will be as easy as possible for customers,” adds Pospíšil, adding that Hyundai’s smallest available electric car will arrive on the European market next year. According to earlier information, its price list should start slightly above half a million.

Can you imagine buying your next car online without visiting a dealer?

It sure is, it’s the future!

Anyway, I need to try it live first.

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