It’s probably not too likely, but we don’t want to completely rule out the arrival of a stylish-looking compact SUV either. Dacia has made a name for itself with affordable and practical cars, but at the same time it is constantly developing and improving.

It can also be seen on the new Duster, which made a significant design leap compared to its predecessor. The imaginative look is underlined by interesting details, such as the vertical front part, the new light signature in the shape of the letter Y, the wheel arches with beveled edges or the wide rear doors. The stripe that stretches around the entire perimeter of the car is also eye-catching.

The interior has undergone a major transformation, especially with regard to the available equipment. The new Duster can be equipped with a 7-inch digital instrument cluster (except for the base Essential version) and up to a 10.1-inch infotainment screen (again, except for the Essential version). The multimedia system itself is also new. And connectivity has improved, the offer of driving assistants has also been expanded.

Although the third Duster has clearly moved to a new level, it is still a practical, reasonable and classically cut compact SUV, which will also want to appeal to customers at a favorable price. Those interested in a more stylish “exclusive”, for example in the form of a coupe-SUV, will not currently go to Dacia.

At the same time, such a car would not have to look in vain, the Romanian car company could also use the experience of its parent Renault, which already sells a compact coupe-SUV – the Arkana model.

Independent designer and virtual artist Kleber Silva is also trying to show that such a hybrid could work. He designed his own idea of ​​a Romanian coupe-SUV, in which he combines a stylish silhouette with the design elements of the Dacia brand. And the result is very interesting… You can view the concept in the gallery.

Would you like such a Dacia coupe-SUV?

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