If you are one of those people who forget what someone told them within ten minutes, the new notification system informing about the allocation of points to the driver’s card will be a lifesaver for you. That is, until now it was the case that when you received points, you were informed about it at the most by the policeman solving the offense on the spot, but otherwise it was a secret that no one bothered to tell you. However, that will change.

Photo: Transport portal

Until now, only the police officer on the spot informed you about the allocation of points, but that was all.

From January 1, 2024, it will be enough log in to the Transport Portal through a bank identity, a mobile key or using eGoverment, MojeID or eCitizenship. Anyway, once you’re inside the system, you can simply check to be notified for free of any point changes in your card.

The notification will thus be sent either by SMS to your mobile phone, or by e-mail to your electronic mailbox, or by notification in the environment of the Transport Portal and the Citizen Portal itself. This is another gadget that will make your driving life easier.

Photo: Transport portal

The portal will also remind you of your past driving sins.

However, the transport portal can do more. Did you know that through it you can, for example, apply for a new driver’s license (loss, change of groups, etc.), look at the extract from the driver’s card, remind yourself of your past offences, check prohibitions, thus information on professional competence?

Furthermore, here you can look at all the vehicles you have historically owned, view the development status of vehicle tachometers according to the VIN code, get pre-filled applications for the transport authority, access the toll portal, the vehicle register through the data cube, the portal of highway signs or check if the specific vehicle is registered as a taxi service vehicle and the specific taxi driver’s license is valid.

Photo: Transport portal

In the system, you will also learn about your currently and historically owned/operated vehicles.

Leaders/operators of ships and vessels, as well as pilots and aircraft operators, will find their way to the Transport Portal.

Digital requests for motor vehicle transcripts or an expanded agenda for rules should come in the future. And that would be very useful, because why go to the office for a car registration, when even the big technicians will be online from the new year. So let’s hope it works out and we’ll take another step closer to the digital 21st century.