Reduce weight, replace the internal combustion engine with an electric one, improve driving dynamics – the traditional recipe of modifiers who want to preserve classic cars for modern times.

If you noticed while reading the headline, you’re not alone – neither are we. That someone would convert one of only 51 examples of the 964 generation 911 RSR to electricity? That sounds like sacrilege, but thankfully it didn’t happen.

The company Everatti, which specializes in restomods with an electric drive, this time used a classic 911 as a basis, which it rebuilt in the spirit of the RSR 3.8. The car received a battery with a capacity of 63 kWh, which is controlled by the second generation of controls and software with improved cooling and control options for lower consumption. The rear wheels are driven by an electric motor through a self-locking differential, and the parameters sound very promising – the car accelerates to 96 km/h in 3.7 seconds, the power is 373 kW (507 hp), the range is supposed to be up to 320 kilometers.

Everatti boasts an electric Porsche 964 restomod. It can have over 500 horsepower

The car received carbon fairing elements with significant aerodynamic accessories such as a rear wing modeled after the 964 RSR or front lollipop. Furthermore, we have a protective frame inside, the rear seats have disappeared and the front ones are lightened plus additionally upholstered by Bridge of Weir specialists. The active and adaptive TracTive suspension should handle the race circuit and trips in the districts, owners can also enjoy connectivity through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The manufacturer does not provide more detailed data about the charging speed and other typically electric car issues, except for the fact that the car can be charged with alternating current and direct current, but it is a show car to attract interested parties – but as a weekender it seems very interesting to us.