The best-selling model not only on the Czech market has become a victim of legislative fury. The pressure to reduce the so-called fleet average emissions has forced many car manufacturers to drastically cut down their model lines. And when you need to reduce emissions, logically the model with the highest emissions goes first under the guillotine – so a passenger van with high aerodynamic resistance. Citroën (as well as other car companies that produce this model under their own brands, i.e. Peugeot, Opel, Toyota) suddenly announced during 2019 that the internal combustion versions of these practical family helpers are over, and from now on only modern battery electrics are available version.

What’s more, the practicality is (almost) the same, and it is also quieter, which is very pleasant. Nevertheless, sales have plummeted, and frankly, it’s not too surprising. The electric version is twice as expensive and, above all, has lost a significant part of its usefulness. While the petrol and diesel Berlingo were the absolute champions of long-distance journeys, the ëBerlingo is purely a city car.

Its battery has a usable capacity of only 45 kWh (the total is 50 kWh), so the range according to the WLTP is standardized to a maximum of 281 km. In reality it will be around 200-220 km in good weather, but now in winter I measured 150-160 km, and that is really not enough. Top speed is a very modest 135 km/h, and if you drive at the highway limit, the range will continue to drop significantly, after all the car has a lot of frontal drag and also weighs 1.8 tonnes.

In the city it is fine, even the dynamics are quite good, at least for the fact that the electric motor only has some 136 horses. The trunk is still huge, even in this shorter M version, there is also an XL with a longer wheelbase and rear overhang. Among the bittersweet advantages, you can also count the fact that you can charge a modest flashlight with a 100kW DC fast charger from 10 to 80% in just half an hour. So if you stay in the city the vast majority of the time and need to transport a lot of children, large dogs and other cargo, the ëBerlingo might just be for you. Of course, if you have a million crowns for such a car.

Alternatively, you can use the loop that Citroën offered to its customers in order not to lose the significant majority of sales – you can have the internal combustion version of the Berlingo in the utility version N1 (which does not count towards total emissions), the carmaker offers the Profi+ equipment, from which the partition behind the seats can be removed on request . The car will have an increased carrying capacity and a more spacious chassis, but the price is still practically half that of an electric car. You can see more information in the video.