If you were worried that you would barely be able to drive from Prague to Brno with an electric car, you can rest easy with the Nissan Ariya. He managed a record-breaking trip.

In the spirit of debunking the myth that electric cars are fragile vehicles for the city, automakers are putting them to the test. Let’s recall, for example, the journey of an already homologated battery car that drove 1,000 km across the desert without a charge, or the Porsche Taycan, which conquered an extreme gradient. Now the team of heroes has been joined by the Nissan Ariya, which has completed a 27,000 km journey from the North Pole to the South Pole. No car has tried anything like this before, let alone an electric car.

The journey lasted 10 months and started at the beginning of this year. Nissan asked the experts at Arctic Trucks to prepare the car for the expedition with minimal intervention. The Expedition Ariya is in stock condition except for the rugged off-road suspension and enlarged fender flares due to the installation of 39-inch BF Goodrich tires. That means Chris and Julie Ramsey relied on the e-4ORCE’s standard motors, battery and all-wheel drive. Inside, they carried an outdoor coffee maker and a drone, the roof of which served as a take-off and landing area.

Charging in desolate areas was provided by an external central office with solar panels and a wind turbine. This was probably driven by the second Ariya in the role of an escort vehicle. The route started on the frozen Arctic Sea, continued across North and South America and ended on the icy Antarctic.