We know, we know, the Octavia was and is only made in the Scout, and this body type is also a national idol. But it’s Christmas, a time of fulfilled wishes, including the crazy ones.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

Our court designer Rosťa Prokop is once again responsible for the Christmas Octavia. Thanks Rostó!

One of these is the design creation of our in-house designer Rosti Prokop, who has been creating various concepts for you all year, from the new Jawa Pařez to the Tatra Beta to the modern Škoda Trekka. On Christmas Day, we therefore decided to propose an ideal means of transport for the Czech winter environment, which would be delicious for cottagers, adventurers, but also overworked Prague residents.

The result is the allegorical Škoda Octavia Scout in a liftback design with a no less practical trunk compared to a station wagon. The model is appropriately raised, has protective fender edges and an illuminated New Year’s card on the sides for the successful year 2024.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

PF is from the French pour féliciter and means for happiness.

Instead of the front lights, there are shiny decorations, and the lights in the bumper were also created in the style of a Christmas chain. Up front, on the winged arrow, you’ll find antlers that declare this Octavia is compatible with Santa Claus’ reindeer sleigh.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

Emission? No way, this Octavia is more eco than electric cars!

The various accents on the body remind us that the TXE (Turbo X-Mass Engine) combustion engine runs under the hood running on environmentally friendly fuel made from rainbows, with its emissions being nothing but stars and comets. In addition to proper winters, the car also has a 4 × 4 drive, so that the Christmas tree placed on the integrated roof racks can be delivered to you wherever you can.

The car is of course Simply Clever, so in addition to driving in the snow, it can also fly, for which it has large rear-view mirrors. The rear part also has modified exhausts, due to the specific fuel.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

In case of a time emergency or convoy, this car can even fly.

You must have understood that this is only a joke, with which we want to make today’s Christmas Day more pleasant for you. On behalf of the entire editorial team, we wish you health and peace of mind, accident-free kilometers and may you find something more interesting than socks and cosmetics under the tree. However, don’t leave your internet receivers, we have a number of interesting articles for you until the end of the year, and in 2024 it will be a great ride again. There is a lot of automotive news coming at us. The entire Garáž.cz team wishes you happiness and joy!

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