An electric sharp hatchback? It’s not really coming together yet. The first of such cars may be the Alpine A290, which will put its cards on the table as early as next year.

As for sharp hatchbacks with an electric drive, so far we have only seen such attempts. The first car that could break that will be introduced next year. It is called the Alpine A290 and it will be the second model of this French sports car manufacturer, which will complement the excellent A110 coupe. We currently have more new information about the car, mainly because it apparently got out of the prototype phase, because the letter beta has already disappeared from the name.

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The information is not dizzying at all, basically we learn that the car will already wear Michelin tires from the factory. It just goes to show that Alpine is dead serious about the A290. Not only does Alpine stick to patriotism, because Michelin is a French brand, but most importantly, they make some of the best tires on the market today. The sharp hatchback will have three tire options.

The first of them is the Pilot Sport EV with less rolling resistance, the second the Pilot Sport S5 as the primary sports tire and the last is the winter footwear Pilot Alpin 5. The Alpine A290 will be a 3.99 meter long car with a short, as yet unspecified wheelbase. It will thus be a hair smaller than the current Volkswagen Polo GTI. In addition, the car has such a wide wheel track that it fits tires with a width of 225 mm.

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The car will stand on the CMF-B EV platform and offer a multi-link rear axle. Inside, among other things, you can look forward to the overtaking button, which gives you an extra portion of power for ten seconds. We know this function from Porsche cars, for example. We will learn more about it next year.


The Alpine brand was founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé, the son of a French Renault car dealer. The first car, the A106, was introduced the same year, and 251 were said to have been produced during six years of production.

The brand was particularly successful in motorsport, but it disappeared in 1996. It was only revived in 2012 with the A110-50 concept. The production model A110 is considered one of the most driving sports cars of the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Alpine A110