There are series where the car practically plays the main role, so it is more messed up than French croissants. On the other hand, in some of the short films for the sequel, although he cuts a role only occasionally, he belongs to such an iconic character that it would be a sin not to know about such a car.

And today’s quiz will be about serial cars, which will test your knowledge of both very well-known cars and those unknown, but belonging to important characters. So put the gear forward and off you go!

1. Which car did Dr. Arnošt Blažej drive from the series Hospital on the outskirts of the city?

Photo: archive of the car company

2. Did the protagonists of the series Visitors drive in a model?

Photo: Auto Max Czech

3. Did the main character of the American TV series Viper drive a model?

Foto: Bring a Trailer

4. Which ambulance did Dr. Jandera first drive in the series Ambulance?

Photo: archive of the car company

5. Scientist Leonard Hofstadte from the series The Big Bang Theory drove a silver car. We are interested in the factory brand.

Photo: archive of the car company

6. Dr. Gregory House from the series Dr. House owned and occasionally used a certain sedan. Was it a model?

Foto: NBC Universal Television Distribution

7. Can you remember which DHARMA cars were driven by its workers and survivors in the series Lost?

Photo: archive of the car company

8. Serial Mr. Bean was the driver of the car?

Foto: Universal Pictures

9. Did Starsky & Hutch ride the red and white model?

Foto: American Broadcasting Company

10. Choose a car that did not appear significantly in the Czech series Comeback.

Photo: TV Nova

11. Do you remember the crime drama Miami? What did lead investigator Horatio Caine drive?

Photo: archive of the car company

12. In the series Red Dwarf in the series Back to Earth, our heroes drive a green vehicle called Kosmik. What real model is it based on?

Foto: Grant Naylor Productions

So, have you checked all the answers? If so, evaluate the test.

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