Great parameters are paid for by a rather bloody price, but as they say: It will surely find its customers.

How far can you go in losing weight? A well-known tuning company showed that very far. As the basis of their project, they chose the relatively overlooked Porsche 912, which was created between 1965 and 1969 as a cheaper alternative to the 911 and at the same time the entry model that replaced the 356. The main difference was the use of a four-cylinder flat engine instead of a six-cylinder in the “full-fat” 911, the sixteen-seater had modest 66 kW, the later version of the 912E with two liters from the seventies then the same power, but a slightly higher torque of 132 Nm instead of 122 Nm.

Theon Design have completed another stunning restomod.  Their Porsche 964 C2 has four liters and over 400 horsepower

The car weighed about a ton, but after the defatting crust at Kamm, it will lose a lot of weight. They strip the donor vehicle and thoroughly renovate its very foundation. The client can then choose a half-carbon or full-carbon fairing, with the latter solution also getting light Lexan windows plus carbon rear-view mirrors. The engine will be taken care of by the Swiss specialists JPS Aircooled, who will increase the displacement to two liters and the output to approximately 142 kW (193 hp). In addition, there will be a stainless steel or titanium exhaust with the possibility of using Inconel.

The BMW 635 CSi received a touch of modernity and a lot of leather.  Looks stunning, only seven will be made

The gearbox is a five-speed manual with first gear on the bottom left, the self-locking differential comes from ZF. They solved the Kamm suspension with a semi-active system with electronic adjustment to five positions with an analog controller from the cabin. It is also possible to use carbon seats. In the maximum possible configuration, the car weighs only 699 kilograms, so it will be nimble and agile. However, it will not be for everyone, with a complete carbon fairing it will cost 9.8 million crowns.