Bluesky, the invite-only decentralized social network, is taking baby steps to finally opened to the general public. CEO Jay Graber announced this week that contributions to Bluesky are now up viewable regardless of whether a person is logged in or notwhich means you can directly share content with your friends who do not have an account on this social network. Although Bluesky has around 2.6 million users so far, this number is still relatively small as it remains closed to all users.

The new public web interface, which the company mentioned last month, will make Bluesky’s posts available to a larger audience. On the occasion of this change Bluesky also changed its logo – replaced the sky with clouds blue butterfly.

“Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, we are beginning to open up,” Graber wrote in a blog post about the change. Graber also notes that many users have used Bluesky before butterfly emoji as a social network symbol. “We liked it,” Graber wrote, “and accepted it.”