Almost every order presented a difficult challenge for Rolls-Royce. The work took hundreds of hours, but the execution is breathtaking.

The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective has a permanently full calendar. When you buy a Rolls-Royce, whether for yourself or a loved one, you want it to be a unique embodiment of personal values ​​or what the owner likes. There are practically no boundaries in this world, it just costs money and a lot of time.

This year in particular has been successful, but also challenging, for the custom studio. Perhaps it has never faced so many challenges. Craftsmen developed and mastered new techniques of mixing and applying lacquers, folding different materials into a gallery on the dashboard, embroidering plastic ornaments into upholstery and much more. At the end of the year, the car manufacturer gives us a behind-the-scenes look at this year’s production.

The Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire Droptail embodies the tenderness of roses.  However, the customer department was suffering

Phantom Rose Blossom with a long wheelbase, he was inspired by the tranquility of the summer garden of the home’s courtyard. A floral work with beautiful flowers and four types of butterflies is the main motif of the ceiling, which took 200 hours to create. We see a similar scheme on the dashboard and the waterfall between the rear seats.

Phantom Syntopia was the most technically demanding project on which the automaker collaborated with the Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen. She often uses solid materials in her designs. The key element of the car is a plastic roof panel created by systematically folding leather and overlaying a woven fabric with the effect of liquid metal. The work is completed by 162 glass petals made of organza. The rear seats are upholstered in silk fabric and the headrests release a pleasant scent. After 700 hours it was done.

Ghost Ékleipsis from the Black Badge line pays homage to the eclipse of the sun by the moon. The natural phenomenon is captured by a light animation on the ceiling studded with 1,132 fiber optic stars. Another 1,846 laser-etched stars can be found in the gallery in front of the passenger. The dashboard is further complemented by a custom diamond watch.

Other cars from the Black Badge series were a pair of Cullinans. Template for Cullinan Blue shadow stood the Kármán line, a thin layer forming the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and space. The ceiling features a moon created from 250,000 stitches of thread in five different colors. It is surrounded by 384 blue and 799 white stars. For the first time, the leather seats have been hand-perforated in a floating cloud graphic. Cullinan Lucid nights instead, it reflects the temperament of Korean nightlife through bold colors.

Ghost Champagne Rose painted in a solid shade, it may look simple, but in reality it was a pain. For a uniform effect, the specified shade was mixed according to the specifics of a particular surface, so that the human eye perceives it the same on each material.

Ghost Manchester celebrates the brand’s hometown. It was here that Charles Rolls and Henry Royce met with the intention of building the best cars in the world. The dashboard gallery shows an aerial view of Manchester at night, with the largest point showing the location of the Midland Hotel where the two men met. From the outside and inside, we can find motifs of the city – a diligent bee and a cat lily.

TEST Rolls-Royce Cullinan (441 kW): As if strawberry beer and a diesel Bentley weren't enough

Amber collection roads make up 12 Ghosts highlighting the importance of amber. The so-called the “amber path” is depicted on the illuminated ceiling and dashboard, in which a large amber is set.

The same number Wraiths form a collection Arrow, which was created to end production of the twelve-cylinder coupe. The design celebrates the land speed record set by Captain George Eyston on September 16, 1938 at the Bonneville Salt Flats. A total of 2,117 fiber optic stars display the Milky Way and constellations on the ceiling in an authentic array of that day. On the door we find more than 320 laser-burned graphics imitating the cracked surface of the salt flats.

Bentley has created a bespoke interior for the Contest 67CS yacht.  The sight passes from the luxury!

Phantom Cinema Earth was created with the idea of ​​capturing landscape and wine heritage of the Italian region of the same name. The dashboard is a scene of five Ligurian villages on a cliff. The ceiling shows a map of Italy created by 14,388 stitches of five different threads. The back door is decorated with delicate grape embroidery, each containing 9,215 stitches and using two different techniques to create shine and texture. The grape motif also appears as a gold-plated stainless steel insert on the picnic tables.

He concludes the list of the most laborious tasks The Pearl Cullinan purchased by son as a birthday present for father. This is the most extensive use of mother-of-pearl. The picnic table pattern consists of 1351 pieces. The wooden gallery includes an Arabic “father” motif. The starry sky depicts the arrangement of the stars on the day the father was born.