This is at least claimed by the British Auto Express, which refers to the words of the head of the Škoda car company. Klaus Zellmer allegedly indicated that the Superb RS in the fourth generation would make sense – as a more affordable rival to representatives of the middle class from premium brands BMW or Mercedes-Benz. However, he understandably did not explicitly confirm the arrival of the Superb in the RS variant.

At the same time, Zellmer revealed that in the case of a sport-tuned Skoda, he sees no point in competing in the area of ​​performance, acceleration or top speed. “Horsepower is probably losing importance a little bit,” he said. According to him, Škoda customers will appreciate other features. “It will be more about efficiency, sustainability of used car materials, decarbonization throughout the value chain. People want to be more responsible for the planet and the climate,” he added.

From these words, we can perhaps conclude that the new Superb RS, if it actually arrives, will offer an electrified powertrain. It will most likely be a plug-in hybrid.

Škoda has already confirmed a hybrid with an externally rechargeable battery for the fourth generation Superb, it is a motorization with a 1.5 TSI unit, one electric motor and a combined maximum output of 150 kW (204 hp). But the RS version should offer more.

Video trailer for the fourth generation Škoda Superb.Video: Škoda Auto

The closely related Volkswagen Passat Variant in the new generation received a plug-in hybrid with a combined output of 200 kW (272 hp). And that already sounds much more interesting. In addition, thanks to the relatively large battery, the car could maintain the ability to drive up to 100 kilometers purely on electricity.

The new Škoda Superb in the RS version would certainly also offer a modified chassis, perhaps we can count on adaptive shock absorbers equipped with two electromagnetic valves, thanks to which compression and rebound are separately regulated.

And there should also be changes to the exterior and interior. If we judge by the other models in the RS versions, the Superb will get a sportier look, but it will still look rather decent. We can expect new bumpers, black accessories and specific wheels.

The design of the eventual Superb RS was recently attempted by a designer and graphic artist who goes by the name X-Tomi Design on the Internet. You can see his idea in the main photo of this article.

The cabin could then feature sportier seats, Alcantara upholstery and contrasting stitching.

And the premiere? If Škoda is really working on the Superb RS, then the brand’s more sporty flagship could be presented perhaps in the second half of next year.