Is Michael Mann still a guarantee of quality? According to the first reports, even at the age of 80 he recorded a decent ride.

On January 4, 2024, a biographical film about Enzo Ferrari, played by Adam Driver, will begin screening in Czech cinemas. He will be joined by Penélope Cruz in the role of Laura Ferrari, Patrick Dempsey or Jack O’Connell will appear in other roles. The film already has its American premiere, which took place on December 25. We will have to wait a few more days. Some journalists and invited guests have already seen the film during the world premiere in Venice. We already have the first reviews, which were compiled by the Moviezone server.

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Critics praise the acting, which is what makes the film stand. Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz are said to be excellent. The racing sequences should also be absolutely intoxicating, stirring up the family drama a bit and pumping adrenaline into us. However, the first reviews also indicate that it is an emotionally empty film that does not leave a deep impression on us. In other words – many expected more and certainly more topics could be discussed in more depth.

This will of course be up for debate, some will just be happy to sit in the cinema and watch toy cars while occasionally crying and leave the cinema determined to dedicate the rest of their life to buying a Ferrari too. Also remember that this is director Michael Mann’s dream project. The creator of The Last of the Mohicans or The Fierce Duel has wanted to make this thing for a long time.

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And I’ll pull out one interesting fact – this won’t be Michael Mann’s first Ferrari movie. In 2008, he made a short film about the Ferrari California, which served as a promotional video. That’s what plays you above. His second film Ferrari will be released a month before his 81st birthday. On film portals, it scores somewhere between seven and eight points out of ten. Oh well, I’ll definitely see you at the cinema.