The Chinese car manufacturer presented a number of important novelties at the traditional presentation. Starring: Cutting-edge technology.

Just before Christmas, the Nio Day event took place, where the electric car manufacturer presented important innovations to its customers and fans. The main star here was the ET9 car, which the automaker considers its flagship. Not to mention, with its impressive dimensions, it is no small thing.

It is 5325 mm long, 2016 mm wide and 3250 mm wheelbase. We’re supposed to think of it as a ground-based passenger jet, which corresponds mainly to the rear interior with a pair of seats, for which Nio is said to have used 24 of its own patents. The backrests can be folded up to 45 degrees and are adjustable in 11 directions, the width of the seat is 582 mm. Passengers can use the 360-degree adjustable table, seven electrically retractable blinds protect them from the surroundings.

China's NIO presents the flagship SUV-coupe EC7.  With a giant battery, it can travel almost 1000 kilometers

But that’s not the main news regarding ET9. The car is based on a 900V architecture that allows charging of 600 kW at 765 A. In addition, it is equipped with a system for rapid battery exchange, which takes only three minutes. At the right charging station, it is then possible to top up the range of 255 kilometers in just five minutes. The platform has steering “by wire”, rear wheel steering and active suspension, the torsional stiffness of the body is 52,600 Nm per degree.

The electronic equipment is based on the Adam 2.0 computing platform, which takes care of intelligent driving systems, digital cockpit, intelligent suspension, drive and cloud functions. The manufacturer also boasts of backing up important systems in case of failure. In China, the car is available to order now, and will reach customers in the first quarter of 2025.