LG is about to start selling compact bipedal robot, which can move freely around the house. A robot with artificial intelligence that will premiere at the fair CES 2024 in Las Vegas, has a wide range of abilities – from notifying you that you’ve left the air conditioning on to watching your pets. Like stationary smart home assistants like Alexa or Apple HomePod, the latest robot from LG can give information about the weather or remind you to take your medicine on time.

The robot is powered by the platform Qualcomm Robotics RB5, which includes a combination of hardware and software that run the robot’s artificial intelligence program. Because of this, the robot has the ability recognize faces and voices, process the emotions of people around you, and engage in conversations. According to LG, it will be able to greet the owner at the door, analyze emotions and play music. Thanks to the joints on his legs, he can even change his stance according to the “emotions” he is showing.

The robot is also equipped with a camera in its face, a speaker and various sensors all over its body that allow it to talk, listen and navigate yourself. He can too measure indoor air quality and temperaturebut it’s not clear if it can actually be connected to a smart home system and control the thermostat.

Since the robot can move freely, you can program it to take care of your pets in your absence and send notifications to your phone if something unexpected happens. Using the same monitoring tools, it can also work as a mobile security guard and send you notifications if there is movement in the house while you are away.

Source: engadget.com