The year 2023 was in the spirit of big changes not only for the automotive industry, but also for our editorial staff. It has considerably changed its staff and, under the leadership of experienced journalist Martin Machala, is trying to bring you an even better information service from the world of cars. In addition to the traditional text, it now also adds spoken word. Welcome Garáž.cz podcast!

The first or zero episode (we are still looking for the official name of the show, feel free to help us in the discussion below) takes stock of the events of the past year. Together with Standa Kolman, Martin will introduce himself to you and recall the best things they drove this year and which interesting motoring events they watched.

At the same time, the last days of the year are an ideal opportunity to take a peek at what’s next. So what’s new in the world of cars for 2024? We will talk about that too… We wish you a pleasant listening experience!