With the development of automobile transport, the law on liability is also changing. The changes will be positive.

Next year we are likely to see an amendment to the Act on Vehicle Liability Insurance. Its form was approved by the Chamber of Deputies and is now moving to the Senate. Don’t worry, the changes are generally positive.

For example, thanks to general digitization, you will not have to carry a proof of liability insurance when traveling in the Czech Republic. During the inspection, the police will verify everything in the database. Insurance companies will continue to provide the green card, as you still need to have it abroad. Although work is underway on a pan-European data sharing system, it is still far from operational.

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Due to the general increase in the price level, increase in compensation and repair prices, the minimum insurance coverage will rise from 35 million crowns to 50 million crowns. It is a preventive measure to ensure adequate compensation for health and property in the event of an accident. The increase in the limit should not be reflected in the prices of the liability insurance at all, or in the order of small hundred crowns.

Operators of motor vehicles with a design speed higher than 25 km/h, or 14 km/h if the weight exceeds 25 kg, will also have to pay compulsory liability. Thus, the change will affect owners of electric vehicles such as scooters, unicycles, segways and the like. This also includes, for example, golf carts and garden tractors, but only if they will be driven outside the private area. The measure is intended to protect the injured in the event of an accident, as we are seeing more and more urban micromobility devices in particular. On the other hand, the newly created obligation does not apply to cyclists, because an electric bike is not only powered by an electric motor.

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The latest news will adjust the process of concluding the liability insurance. In the event of an insurance agreement with the beginning of validity less than a week from the date of purchase, the product will have to be paid for immediately by credit card. Payment by bank transfer will only be available for policies with a start of validity delayed by eight or more days. In addition, the agreement will be entered into the database of the Czech Office of Insurers.