The new Renault Espace entices with an interesting price-to-equipment ratio. Now it will be seen how he will do in a crisis situation.

Renault Espace arrived on the Czech market at the beginning of October and immediately caught the eye with its price tag of 999,000 CZK, which is very nice for a seven-seater SUV with a 200-horsepower hybrid. We have already written about the rich equipment, now we will see how it will perform in crisis maneuvers. The editors of km77 took him to the polygon. Although the Espace is based in Australia, it has a longer wheelbase and is overall more powerful. The tested car is fitted with Michelin Primacy 4 tires in size 235/45 R20.

In winter, especially children end up under the wheels of cars.  A prepared driver who knows the worst places can save them

At the start of the slalom, it’s clear that the 1.7-ton SUV doesn’t magically catapult 200 horsepower, but the dynamics are still solid. When zigzagging between cones, it is helped by turning the rear wheels. The passage is smooth without the need for intervention of assistance systems and with good compensation of lateral inclinations. The resulting time of 26.4 seconds is comparable to the significantly larger Range Rover P440e and the much smaller Skoda Fabia MPi.

Renault Espace has Czech prices!  In the end, it came in under a million.  There is no charge for the greatest advantage

The Espace handles the moose test with no problem at an approach speed of 72 km/h, but it also behaves confidently at higher speeds, even if it does not manage to return to the track at the distance of the defined cone. More important is its constant stability, accompanied by only a slight tilt, slight wheel slippage and a significant impact of the stability indicator, which immediately brakes it. But also expect understeer at higher speeds.

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Overall, the Espace is easy to drive and unfussy. In short, precisely tuned to the common user.