That’s right, the year 2023 is already in the past and we now have to get used to the fact that our planet has circled the Sun once again, that the EURO 7 emission standard is being prepared and that the old smoking diesels are going out of fashion. In addition, this year is marked by a lot of changes, both in road traffic rules and in road construction.

But let’s look back over the past 365 days with our motoring quizzes that tested your knowledge throughout the year. Here is a selection of the best in our opinion, Garáž So put in the quality and let’s go!

Get to know the Tatras

There is probably no need to introduce the Tatra brand, it is a national treasure that, of course, hung passenger cars on a nail at the end of the second millennium. The swan song of passenger cars was the Tatra T700, but the trucks survived and are still rolling today. However, do you recognize passenger and cargo Tatras by their parts or details?

Get to know Škoda cars

The same, only in pale blue. Or rather in Škoda. Škoda Auto is also an important Czech car company, but can you recall its modern and historic cars? The ŠKODA quiz will stretch your synapses.

What are you allowed to drive with B?

A group B driver is not only about driving a passenger car up to 3.5 tons, but offers many other options. This is, for example, driving a tricycle, motorcycle or tractor, but pay attention to national and European legislation. Remind yourself of everything thanks to the group B driver’s license quiz.

Czech sportsmen

Whether it’s vintage cars or modern cars, the Czech Republic is a country where a lot of sports cars were created. And it wasn’t just about carbon-strewn single-seaters, but also homemade racing cars built on a housing estate. More in the quiz!


Miata, Chromka, Godzilla? Where, no movie, but the nicknames of famous cars. Come and dive into the different nomenclature again and guess what the car is called.

True retro

During 2023, we managed to get archival questions and answers to the group B driver’s license tests from 1989 and 1990 from the Driving School Association. And everyone found themselves in the historical questions. Such a gem should definitely not be missing from our list, don’t you think?

Vintage and modern

Identifying a car from a text or picture hint is quite a challenge, especially when you are guessing not only modern cars, but also historical ones. On the other hand, this trip through history is a great revival of what kind of cars we all enjoyed and how many times they still entertain us.

Lesser known indicator lights

Almost everyone knows the check engine light, which is the correct name for a fault in the emission control system. But what about the lesser-known lights that light up here and there on the Christmas tree called the instrument panel? Do you know what a shaking car, turn signals with the number 1 or the letters EPC mean? Remind yourself of that.

Winter operation

It’s surprising, but it snows in winter. Although we often unfairly honor road users with this surprising finding, in reality those surprises are usually just unprepared or irresponsible motorists who really wonder why the roads are slippery in December. And our informative quiz is about winter traffic, so brush up on your knowledge.

Serial cars

Not only Visitors or Ambulance, but also the protagonists of the series The Big Bang Theory or Dr. House drove cars. But can you guess which ones? This will bring up a series of quiz questions.

So we wish you all the best in the new year 2024, always drive right wheel first and stay down with all four. And look forward to the next days and months at Garáž.cz, the quizzes will continue and will be no less interesting than this year!