So here it is, our annual overview of the most expensive cars at auctions. It was a little less hot this year than last year, but it was still fun.

Countless car auctions were also held this year, where billionaires and garage owners alike got their way. As far as cars are concerned, the absolute record was not set, but there was no shortage of great numbers. Let’s take a look at what happened at public international auctions this year, because there is definitely something to see.

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10th place

Co? Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta

Where? Gooding, Pebble Beach

For how much? 8.662.275 eur (213,975,303 CZK)

The combination of silver color and beige interior looks good on almost any car, but would it be worth more than 200 million crowns? Well, yes, when it comes to the Ferrari 250. The car, chassis number 3507 GT, is one of 165 SWB Berlinetta versions. The high value of this particular piece is also due to the fact that it is in its original condition and has therefore not undergone any renovation in more than sixty years.

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9th place

Co? Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster

Where? RM Sotheby’s, Las Vegas

For how much? 9.367.000 eur (231,286,609 CZK)

Only 28 CLK GTR racing cars in the road version (German Straßenversion) were produced, of which six were in the roadster body. This created a unique mix of a racing car with a twelve-cylinder engine with a power of 450 kW (612 hp), which could drive on the road and at the same time had an open roof. At the time, it was the most expensive car in the world, but the investment will return to the owners. At the time of production, such a car was paid 1.5 million dollars.

Mercedes in Stuttgart exhibits its first car that drove over 200 km/h already in 1909

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8th place

Co? Bugatti Chiron Contoured

Where? RM Sotheby’s, Paris

For how much? 9.792.500 eur (241,787,463 CZK)

Originally, there were supposed to be more Profilée versions, but the great interest in the Chiron model in general quickly paid the production quota of five hundred pieces for the whole car, so there was no room left for this limited edition. This resulted in a single specimen, which went up for auction in Paris at the beginning of the year. It was almost a quarter of a billion. And what is special about it? It has a more aerodynamic body, stiffer springs at the front, large deflections at the rear and many other changes, thanks to which the Profilée version offers real sporty driving characteristics.

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7th place

Co? Ferrari 312 PB

Where? RM Sotheby’s, Villa Erba Cernobbio

For how much? 12.042.500 eur (297,368,463 CZK)

In May, I wrote to you about this car, that I’m already looking forward to where it will end up in our Top 10 ranking. In the end, it’s a nice seventh place, although the car was aiming even higher. This is a Ferrari from the Prototipo program, this particular piece has a flat twelve from the formula 312 B won the 1000 kilometer race in Buenos Aires. He was second at Sebring and third at Monza. The greatest glory was attributed to the car at the Nürburgring, when the drivers dominated the circuit during the rain with an average speed of 166.683 km/h.

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6th place

Co? Jaguar XKSS

Where? RM Sotheby’s, Monterey

For how much? 12.085.000 eur (298,297,687 CZK)

The road version of the racing roadster D-Type was created in only sixteen examples. There were supposed to be 25 in total, but a fire in the Coventry factory destroyed nine of them. For that reason, Jaguar restarted production in 2016 to complete the remaining nine units. This is the original from 1957, under the hood it has a 3.4-liter straight-six mated to a four-speed manual transmission.

Jaguar is investing over 60 billion crowns in its rebirth.  The first car of the new era will be presented in a year

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5th place

Co? Ferrari 250 LM

Where? Artcurial, Paris

For how much? 15.771.200 eur (389,432,558 CZK)

This car was supposed to find a new owner at Retromobile, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. The second attempt under Artcurial was already successful. Ferrari 250 LM found a new owner for almost four hundred million crowns. Why? The last time you saw the Scuderia racing division as a winner at Le Mans before this year was in 1964. However, in 1965 Ferrari won the 250 LM under the North American Racing Team, which was formed to support the Ferrari brand in North America. So therefore.

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4th place

Co? Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider

Where? Gooding, Amelia Island

For how much? 16.514.500 eur (407,665,385 CZK)

And this car again. Two hundred and fifty is simply a hit and a safe bet. Designed by Pininfarina and built by Scaglietti, the car is one of the most popular Ferraris in history. It has a Colombo V12 engine, immortal design and the aura of the sixties in the richest strata on the west coast of America.

It looks like a Ferrari, but it's a hybrid Toyota.  The larger RAV4 sibling does not skimp on performance

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3rd place

Co? Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 W04

Where? RM Sotheby’s, Las Vegas

For how much? 17.219.300 eur (425,119,144 CZK)

Shortly before the return of Formula 1 to Las Vegas, the auction of the first car driven by Lewis Hamilton was held at the same place. It was in 2013 and Lewis Hamilton finished fourth in the championship. With his teammate Nico Rosberg, however, they drove Mercedes to second place in the Constructors’ Cup. With the final amount in the auction, this car became the most expensive auctioned car of the 21st century.

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2nd place

Co? Ferrari 412P

Where? Bonhams, The Quail

For how much? 27.689.000 eur (683,534,807 CZK)

This was essentially a P3 prototype with P4 bodywork and suspension, so the car is also known as P3/4 and was raced mainly by privateer teams. Only two pieces are original, this is one of them. Thanks to the twelve-cylinder engine, the car from 1962 produced 309 kW (420 hp) at 8,000 rpm and could go up to 310 km/h.

The first all-wheel drive Ferrari was created a long time ago.  It didn't go into production, 1340 kg seemed like a lot

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1st place

Co? Ferrari 250 GTO

Where? RM Sotheby’s, New York

For how much? 47.320.000 eur (1,167,999,560 CZK)

This is what a car worth a billion looks like. Of course it’s a Ferrari 250 GTO. One of the 36 pieces produced was certain practically from the beginning. Anytime this car that could have won a race and then gone home shows up at auction, it’s sure to be fun. How does this year’s most expensive car rank in the overall rankings? It is the second place, the first Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut from last year for 143 million dollars will probably remain unsurpassed for a long time.