He who plays does not get angry. Our experienced court designer Rostislav Prokop faithfully adhered to this wisdom throughout the year, but the budding talent Daniel Novák was also very pleasantly surprised. And it is from both of these designers that we have selected the best that you could see from their pens at Garage in 2023.

Dakar Scala

Although the Škoda Scala has not reached and probably will not reach the popularity of its smaller sister Fabia, it is nevertheless a great car for everyone globally. But what if you modify the body of the car, change the chassis, lend it a three-liter turbodiesel and send it to conquer the Dakar Rally?

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

Škoda Scala offers modern off-road equipment for the demanding Dakar.

Tatra Beta

Do you remember Tatra Beta? A light utility car that first had the “guts” of the Favorit, but later a better variant appeared equipped with a Hyundai Accent interior and drive. And thanks to Rosť, we have shown you this model in a modern concept, including the utility variant Cargo, which we called nothing else than a bare-bones apartment.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

The Tatra Beta in the Cargo version was nicknamed the Holobyt.

Jawa Stump

Iconic red paint, sculpted seat and round front lamp. Who does not remember the classic “pinck”, with which more than one boy ran around the village? Nostalgia overwhelms us all the way to the new model Jawa 50 Stump, which has kept the original shape elements and modernity came only where the time demanded it. What a shame that this “Parisian” is only Rosť’s 3D design.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

I wish this “Parisian” wasn’t just a 3D model…

Tatra Tatraplane

At that time, Daniel Novák was 14 years old when he designed and published his vision of the modern model Tatra T600 Tatraplan. The futuristic aerodynamic machine with a split rear window and flip-up wheel covers simply showed something you just want to have at home. Or at least meet on the roads!

Photo: Daniel Novák

The modern interpretation of the Tatra T600 is literally an aerodynamic pancake.

Too bad Elroq

Asking Škodovka exactly what the Karoq-sized electric car known as the Elroq will look like would be as pointless as driving sand to the Sahara. However, if you ask Daniel Novák, the answer will be different! Visual.

Photo: Daniel Novák, Garáž.cz

According to designer Daniel Novák, this is what the Škoda Elroq could look like.

Škoda 1203

There have already been many visions of how the modern Škoda 1203 should look. On the other hand, Rosťa Prokop was able to paint the new Škoda in the Funebraq design, inspired by real original funeral models. After all, this would not be the first virtual attempt at a modern van from Škoda. Do you know the Skoda Trapper?

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

Škoda 1203 Funebraq is the perfect successor to the funeral classic.

Tatra T603 Nascar

Nascar is not one of the popular sports in the Czech Republic, but would you watch it if an open Tatra T603 with original combat colors and a new American V8 engine competed in it? You have no idea what such a car would look like? So watch!

Photo: Rostislav Prokop

Our Tatra T603 Cabriolet is a racing special inspired by the Nascar series.

Tatra V8 MTX

The vision of the modern Tatra V8 MTX was created even before, at a certain gala evening, the representatives of Metalex announced the actual small-series production of the re-edition of 10 units at a price of less than 10 million crowns per unit. In any case, it will be conversions of veterans, while our proposal envisages the development of a completely new car with a modern powerful eight-cylinder engine behind the front seats.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

We dressed up the new Metalexy in colors like the original trio.

Also this year we will bring you fresh designs of new models, revival of veterans, especially those coming from our country. So there is something to look forward to, so don’t hesitate and join us on the Garáž.cz designer wave. even in 2024!