In the fall of this year, Turkey detained the internationally wanted drug lord Hakan Ayik and 36 other members of the organized crime group. Ayik was prosecuted in the United States, for example, and in New South Wales, Australia, he was even the most wanted person ever for ten years. Among other things, his gang included an extremely varied car park.

And the Turkish Minister of the Interior, Ali Yerlikaya, handled the twenty-three confiscated luxury cars in his own way – he turned them into police cars! Now, the patrols there can sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Bentley or even a Porsche.

“Twenty-three vehicles were seized following a successful operation led by our Istanbul Police Team in the fight against organized crime. After the court’s decision, these cars were handed over to our police,” the insider boasted on the X social network.

Photo: Ali Yerlikaya on X website

New fleet of Turkish police.

The complete list of models has not been published, but in addition to the aforementioned brands, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover or Volvo are also captured in the clip. Unofficial information speaks of cars with a total value of 78 million crowns.

However, Ayik and his gang lost much more after their arrest. The local police reported that the total assets of the 37-member gang were confiscated, worth approximately 250 million dollars, i.e. almost 5.6 billion crowns.

It is not yet clear whether the police will use the cars in heavy traffic or as a form of self-presentation at various events, as is the case with the Czech police Ferrari. However, all pieces are already equipped with beacons and police colors, including one Skoda Superb or a purely electric Porsche Taycan.