Most TV shows set in the Pokemon world focus on trainers and their monsters in battle. But the fight for glory is the last thing he is new about stop-motion animated series Pokémon Concierge to Netflix from Dwarf Animation and director Iku Ogawa.

The Pokémon Concierge series takes place on the islandwhere the famous Pokémon Resort welcomes monsters of all shapes and sizes to get here rested and gained new strength. The story tells how a young woman named Haru (Karen Fukuhara) becomes a resort employee after her boyfriend leaves her. Unsatisfied with her current job, she realizes she needs a change, resigns and moves to the Pokémon Resort, where she starts working as a receptionist.

Basically, Haru is being dealt with a typical twenty-five-year-old crisis (and sometimes even thirty-five-year-olds) – she is not sure what she wants in life. So the series on purpose speaks to the audience that grew up on the series. The lightness of the narration, catchy songs and nice setting will nevertheless appeal to younger viewers as well. At the same time, the visuals will please, as Pokémon Concierge emphasizes small details, such as the waviness of Eevee’s fur or the way light reflects off Mudkip’s skin. In addition, it also highlights the importance of rest, which is a current topic for many contemporary viewers.

If you’re interested in the new series, the four episodes of Pokémon Concierge are available to watch on Netflix.