The enthusiast built the car of his dreams, combining Nordic style with high-quality Bavarian technology.

How can I see that, you might be thinking to yourself now. Volvo 164, just in the coupe version? Yes, it really exists – it’s called 162, but the only prototype is in the car museum in Gothenburg, and it’s silver, you must have thought. Anyway, this is something different, but no less interesting.

The car builder works as a coachbuilder at Volvo and was inspired by his grandfather’s 164 model. As a reminder, the 164 was the carmaker’s first luxury car in around twenty years, launched in 1968 and produced until 1975. It was powered by a three-litre B30 inline-six engine producing 96kW in the A version with two carburettors or 118kW in the E version with Bosch D-Jetronic injection. But now back to the construction.

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The creator used the BMW M3 of the E36 series as a basis, which he fitted with a completely unique fairing in the 164/162 style. From the outside, you can probably only detect the affinity with the Bavarian car thanks to the inconspicuous M division badges on the fenders, but a look inside leaves no one in doubt as to where the rest of the technology comes from.

Rebodying the BMW was apparently not enough for the owner, so instead of the inline six-cylinder, he used the 4.9-liter eight-cylinder S62B50 from the BMW M5 of the E39 series. It had an output of 294 kW in serial form – it is not clear whether it gives more here. Even though one of the old M3s fell victim to the construction, one cannot help but smile at the clean work and quality result.


Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer of cars and trucks, buses and construction machinery. It was established in 1915, since 1944 it has been using the current name.

In 1999, Volvo sold its passenger car division to Ford. He transferred it to the Chinese company Geely Automobile in 2010.

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