Before we dive into non-traditional traffic signs, let’s remind you that their list will grow by several additions next year. One of the most interesting is certainly the sign informing about the P+D parking lot. The combination of these two letters is new for us and means Park and Drive, i.e. a place where you park and continue to the city center as a passenger in another car. But enough of the future, let’s take a look at the present. Well… in some cases actually more like the past.

Prohibition of entry of handcarts

When you encounter this mark, you must not proceed if you are pushing a hand truck with an overall width of more than 600 millimeters. The predecessor of this brand first appeared on our roads in 1938, it has had its current form since 1976. You will probably not be surprised that it is rare and there are only a few of them in the Czech Republic.

Photo: Ministry of Transport

No entry of handcarts (B 10).

A movable bridge

This brand, on the other hand, is a relatively recent addition. Signage informing about the movable bridge appeared here in 2009, the first movable bridge was opened in Český Vrbné on Českobudějovick a year later. Although it is a young brand, it has already undergone a minor modification – the blue waves symbolizing water have been replaced by black.

Photo: Ministry of Transport

Drawbridge (A 33).

Watch out, frog!

Traffic signs informing about the frequent occurrence of game have been with us since 1961 and usually show a jumping roe deer. However, the rules were amended in 2016, allowing the doe to be replaced with another wild animal symbol. For example, frogs, there are said to be over 400 such brands in the Czech Republic.

Photo: Ministry of Transport

Game (A 14). In this case, a frog.

Road chapel

Also a brand that you can count on the fingers of one hand. Until recently, there was only one sign informing about the roadside chapel near the highway, near Šlovice near Pilsen on the D5. However, the sign can also inform about a church in the immediate vicinity. It is a rarity that will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary next year.

Photo: Ministry of Transport

Road chapel (IJ 16).

Groundhog migration

Marking with a depicted rodent and an additional table Groundhog migration is a smiling gem at the end. This is not an official sign, but a project of South Moravian activists who tried to encourage motorists to drive more carefully and reduce the risk of the extinction of their colony. Such markings are appearing more and more, but drivers do not have to respect an officially unregistered mark.

Are there any of the above-mentioned pieces somewhere near you? Or, on the contrary, do you meet another unusual brand every day? Feel free to let us know in the comments. And don’t forget that the list of traffic signs will grow with more additions from next year, so you won’t be surprised on the road!