The main attraction of the new product is its lightness, thanks to which you can fit a much heavier car into the weight of the overall kit.

A trailer is an indispensable part of every proper household that has a racing car, or a car that cannot legally be on the road. It can also be useful for veterans who want to transport a car in bad conditions safely and cleanly to the exhibition site. And trailer manufacturers also have to follow trends and offer their customers solutions for all requirements.

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The Brian James Trailers company, which you can also buy from in the Czech Republic, has now premiered a hot new product – the Race Transporter 7, abbreviated as RT7. The main feature of this covered trailer is its low weight, which is 200 kg less than the previous version of the RT6. This will help to reduce the total weight of the rig and therefore also transport heavier vehicles. The manufacturer mainly mentions electric cars.

The RT7 is available with two or three axles and prices range from £25,500 to £40,000, a base price of almost three quarters of a million. On the other hand, it has a wirelessly controlled rear door, LED interior and exterior lighting or its own battery for controlling the actuator when opening the door and tilting the trailer for loading and unloading.

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The battery itself has Bluetooth so that the owner can check the state of charge via a smartphone. The electrically operated winch has a synthetic rope instead of the classic steel one, as it is said to be more gentle on the hands. For now, there is a two-axle variant with a length of 5.5 or 6.0 meters and a width of 2.1 or 2.3 meters. The price may seem high to you, but the previous RT6 costs about 730 thousand crowns in basic specification and certainly does not have that many gadgets.

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