When you have a lot of money, time and desire to try what a Japanese sports dick can do, the results can be very interesting.

The friendly owner of this Toyota GR Yaris is called Cristian and he never seems to get enough. For example, in the spring of this year, his hatchback had an output of 240 kW thanks to a remapped stock control unit, after replacing it with an ECU kit from Syvecs, later it was 273 kW. Now it already has 395 kW (537 hp) under the gas – not to mention that the (now forged) engine has been out of the car five times. It is a highly tuned three-cylinder G16E-GTS with a volume of 1618 cc3in serial form it gives 192 kW, which is still quite a lot for a Japanese four-wheel drive model.

Although it has only three cylinders, it can beat any supersport.  This Toyota GR Yaris has ridiculous power, but the engine is said to last

However, the enthusiastic owner installed a turbocharger from the German company Plusar Turbo Systems, as well as an adjustable suspension from KW, an exhaust, an extension bodykit and a bunch of other accessories. You can see the result on the video, the already successful hot-hatch is now a competition for super sports.

The owner is far from done, he has sequential shifting and other modifications planned, which should push the output to almost 500 kW. But every joke costs something, he has already poured around 130,000 British pounds into the car, which is less than four million crowns.