Coming soon to Windows 11 PCs special key for artificial intelligence Copilot from Microsoft. The company made the announcement in a blog post ahead of CES 2024 in Las Vegas. Microsoft literally wrote that it is about “the first major change to a Windows PC keyboard in nearly three decades”. Like the Windows key, the Copilot key is used to quickly open the Windows Start menu will immediately summon an AI botwhich can execute user commands.

While it’s not a big surprise to see Copilot appear in real-world hardware, especially given how much Microsoft has been pushing artificial intelligence over the past year, it’s a bit of a shock that it happened so quickly. The company claims that the Copilot key is an important moment in the development of Windowswhen Copilot is supposed to be the entry into the world of AI on PC.

Microsoft claims that the Copilot key will appear in new computers coming this spring (we should learn more about them at CES 2024), and also in future Surface devices. The key is further confirmation that Microsoft sees Copilot as a vital element of the future of Windows. At the moment, it is as important to the company as the Start offer, and it is not difficult to imagine that in the future the Start offer will completely merge with Copilot.