Over 6,000 new electric cars were registered in the Czech Republic last year. After three years, there was a change in the first place.

Last year’s statistics show that, in terms of brands, the American Tesla rose to first place on the domestic market for the first time. It recorded 1,619 new registrations, which the Čistá doprava portal under the Center for Traffic Research attributes to the significant discounting of its vehicles at the beginning of 2023. Other manufacturers then had to respond to those according to the CDV with discounts that could amount to hundreds of thousands.

The most popular Tesla in 2023 was the Model Y with 1,075 registrations, followed by the Model 3 with 408 registrations, the Model S with 69 units and the Model X with 67 units. Sales of the Model 3 were apparently supported by the arrival of the facelifted version in the last quarter with a basic price of CZK 1,053,990 for the version with a range of 513 kilometers according to WLTP.

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Among the individual models, Škoda Enyaq performed best on the domestic market with 1,442 units, which received substantial improvements at the end of the year. According to data from the Association of Automobile Importers, at the beginning of December last year, electric cars made up less than three percent of newly registered vehicles in the Czech Republic.

According to the expectations of statistical specialists Jato, the Model Y should become the best-selling single model worldwide in 2023. According to the latest available data, it recorded an increase of 297% in the year-on-year comparison for October of last year in the EU with 10,774 units sold in that month, followed by Škoda Enyaq with 83% increase with 6831 units and Model 3 with 6389 units and 108% increase. Right behind the medium-sized Tesla, however, in the October data, the MG 4 surges ahead with an increase of 377%. We will soon see what the definitive statistics for 2023 have to say.

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The most registered new personal battery electric vehicles by brand in the past 10 years can be found in the table:

Year Mark Number of vehicles
2014 Volkswagen 76 ks
2015 BMW 94 ks
2016 BMW 87 ks
2017 BMW 109 ks
2018 Volkswagen 308 ks
2019 Nissan 139 ks
2020 Škoda 1 684 ks
2021 Škoda 832 ks
2022 Škoda 1 293 ks
2023 Tesla 1 619 ks