As a supplement to state subsidies to support electromobility, the Japanese brand will also offer discounts on hybrids.

The Czech Republic wants to support the purchase of electric cars with a total amount of 1.95 billion crowns. From it, it is possible to get up to CZK 200,000 without VAT for passenger electric cars, CZK 250,000 for trucks and CZK 300,000 without VAT for hydrogen vehicles – all this only with credit financing. The Czech representative office of Toyota is now launching its own “subsidies,” although practically speaking they are discounts, on its hybrid models.

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You can save the most on the Camry sedan, and that’s up to 240,000 CZK. With CH-R, you can save up to 215,000 CZKthe RAV4 is available with a “subsidy” 130,000 CZK. It can be obtained for the smaller Corolla Cross 110,000 CZKthe classic Corolla in Touring Sports station wagon or hatchback versions will be available at a discount of up to 150,000 CZK. So that the supporters of exclusively combustion units are not sorry, the “subsidy” is also available for the Corolla sedan model with a gasoline engine for stock units – up to 135,000 CZK. You can save money on the Land Cruiser 300,000 CZK.

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For the purely electric Toyota bZ4X, it is possible to use a state subsidy of two hundred thousand, to which Toyota will add solid subsidies for the 2022 model year 300,000 CZK. The current model year 2024 is then available with a state subsidy plus a discount 70,000 CZK. The Czech representative office points out that free sets of winter wheels and purchase bonuses of up to 45,000 CZK.