For well-preserved and valuable youngtimers, you don’t have to go far. Now there is one available in Prague. Lovers of the rally world will be delighted.

In search of the historical heroes of the world of rallying, we usually have to travel abroad, and even there the search is not easy. But if you want the ultimate Ford Sierra with a Cosworth engine, you’re in luck, because we have a literal museum exhibit right under our noses.

A specimen from the private collection of Antonín Charouz is for sale in Prague. Despite the production in 1991, at first glance it enjoys a very good visual and technical condition. Twenty years ago, the car enjoyed a complete mechanical renovation combined with a paint restoration. Since then, it has enjoyed service from experienced mechanics and regular maintenance, although it hasn’t been driven much. It spent most of its time as an exhibit in a museum. You don’t have to worry about the replaced steering wheel, the original one is still available. According to the statement from Cebia, the Ford has traveled 115,420 km.

The history of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth goes back to 1986. As part of the Group A rally homologation, 5,000 road examples rolled off the production lines. Ford obviously hit the middle, as the 1987 Sierra RS Cosworth won the championship.

The car for sale is the third generation, which entered the market in January 1990. It had 14 hp and 12 Nm more power, which compensated for the 100 kg increase in weight due to the all-wheel drive. In total, the driver had 220 horses under his right foot with 290 Nm. From a technical point of view, it is the best-handled machine, so it is the most preferred by driver-oriented collectors.

A beautiful Volvo 1800S after the King of Sweden is for sale.  He received it for his graduation in 1966

The price of the car is set at 925,000 CZK. That’s for consideration. The OldTimer Markt Preis catalog for 2023 shows a 27% appreciation in the last five years, but also the average price of well-preserved pieces around 580,000 CZK.