Historic rallies are becoming more and more popular, and our domestic car manufacturer has its place in them.

You can also find several Škoda cars at historical competitions around Europe. After all, our domestic carmaker has a very rich history in this industry. One of the biggest events was certainly the success at the Acropolis Rally in 1963. Škoda Octavia Touring Sport with starting number 99 fell into the category of touring cars in the 1000 to 1300 cc class and took first place here. She also celebrated her successes at Monte Carlo.

Sixty years later, Oldřich Kovařík from Chodov in West Bohemia, near Domažlice, decided to repeat this success. The Kovařík family collects Škoda cars and has a close relationship with Mladá Boleslav motorsport. “My father and brother have been collecting Škoda cars for about 25 years, so this has resulted in a relatively comprehensive collection with a significant representation of cars that wrote the history of Škoda motorsport”. introduced by Oldřich Kovařík the younger.

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In the collection you would also find the Škoda Octavia TS. Two crews and a three-member service team set off from Domažlicko for last year’s Historic Acropolis Rally. The team drove not only the Octavia TS, but also the Škoda Favorit, with which Oldřich Kovařík Jr. participated in the rally. They managed to repeat the sixty-year-old success, they took first place in their class with the Octavia TS. The Škoda car company shares a smaller photo gallery with us.

The Historic Acropolis Rally has a thousand kilometers including crossings, of which 167 are sharp. Octavia TS took to the track with Oldřich Kovařík Sr. behind the wheel and navigator Petr Dufek. “Although not many crews start in category 1, the car from Mladá Boleslav boldly competes with, for example, Ford Escort TwinCam, Porsche 911 S, BMW 2002ti, Alfa Romeo Giulietta and even Renault Alpine A110”, Kovařík commented on the race.

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The Škoda Octavia TS from 1962 has a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine with two Jikov carburettors under the hood that spins at 6,000 rpm. Its power was not measured, but it is estimated at 80 horses. Other equipment of the car includes a four-speed gearbox, a backbone frame, rear transverse leaf springs or drum brakes on all wheels.