That’s beautiful! Classically perfect proportions, with a long hood tinged with a wedge-shaped profile typical of sports cars, smooth surfaces stretched with sharp lines like muscles visible under a tight shirt, and elaborate details that you could examine for hours – lights, mirrors, intakes and much more. Of course, the typical spindle-shaped mask and “L-Finesse” elements cannot be missing, but this time they are very sensitively incorporated so that they don’t shout so much at the world, but rather just attract attention. It’s just a feast for the eyes.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

Feast your eyes on the beauty. Just be careful not to drool on the keyboard or phone screen.

It is all the more interesting that it is Lexus that comes with it and playfully trumps anything that is currently being offered by German, British or Italian rivals – both in the form of a closed coupe and an open roadster. At the same time, the first concept appeared already in 2012, and production in a practically unchanged form started five years later. In fact, we have before us a car that is more than a decade old, but it still looks like a vision of the near future secretly fleeing from the catwalk of a car show. But you can’t stop time and the end of its production is inevitably approaching – and that deserves a farewell in style.

Or at least it was an excuse for us to ask for a coupe and a convertible at the same time, because… that’s just double the beauty. The photographer runs around with the fervor of a hard-working freshman, and I have plenty of time to admire both cars and admire the courage of Lexus to put them into production in this form.

Light-hearted approach

In order for the LC not to suffer from excess weight, Lexus paid careful attention to its construction. The chassis relies heavily on high-strength steel, making it stiffer than the much-admired LFA carbon monocoque supercar. The LC then uses carbon (more precisely, carbon-reinforced CFRP plastics) on the bodywork (roof, inner parts of the doors and trunk lid), other parts are made of aluminum (front hood, front fenders, outer door panels, trunk lid).

Photo: Lexus

The body consists of a mix of lightweight aluminum and CFRP, only the rear panels are made of sheet metal.

This also applies to the interior, which is a successful combination of a fighter cockpit and a prominent men’s club. It sits low and the seat hugs gently but firmly, you can comfortably stretch your legs and pull the steering wheel close to your chest – simply a great position for enthusiastic drivers and relaxing travelers alike. The materials are first-class, the workmanship is masterful and the feeling you get behind the wheel is absolutely unique. Especially when you hit the start button…

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

Spending time behind the wheel of the LC is a real pleasure. That is, except for working with infotainment, which will drink your blood. However, there is currently an upgraded version of the LC with a new touchscreen infotainment system that is much, MUCH easier to live with.

This is because the atmospheric eight-cylinder comes to life. Although it has a massive volume of five liters and a typical V8 concept, its bass rumble is different from the monsters under the hood of muscle cars, it does not even resemble wild boars from AMG, sportsmen from BMW M or muscle cars from Audi. At idle it seems more balanced and civilized, to the red field at seven and a half thousand it turns smoothly like a perfectly oiled machine, with increasing revolutions its sound gains strength and resembles a moderate and civilized version of the untamed LFA (which the LC actually is).

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

An atmospheric V8 is almost unheard of today. In addition, this one belongs to the best in terms of performance, character and sound!

This boisterous symphony, the intensity of which you control according to your taste with your right foot, can make any journey absolutely fantastically pleasant – whether it is a boring road for rolls, a long-distance trek across the continent or grinding the corners of a backcountry. The LC excels in everything, because it doesn’t mind jumping around the city, when it gives you the comfort of easy control and a good view, on the highway you can enjoy the comfort of a well-tuned chassis and you can relax behind the wheel, and then when the road narrows and starts twisting, it gets LC really on the boil…

You grind its engine at high revs and with the paddles under the steering wheel you throw it more qualts, which it crunches with gusto, then you apply the brakes sensitively, you precisely hit the apex with the steering wheel and on the exit under the gas you can let the rear slide – that feeling of security and control over everything is a car oriented primarily truly exceptional for brisk travel. The LC is almost 4.8 meters long and weighs around two tons, but it manages to disguise it very skillfully and engages you in the game like a real sports car.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

On a twisty road, the LC feels shriveled and drops a few meters, so you can drive it precisely and with pleasure.

And this also applies to the roadster, although you probably won’t push it that often (then you’ll notice that it twists a bit) – its charm is that you can pull the roof down and enjoy the sun’s rays and the wind in your hair (thanks to the wind there is not so much of the shield)… and above all, you will hear the bass rumble even more clearly and strongly.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

The Roadster can also make a good noise, but the greater pleasure is to slow down a bit and enjoy a sunny day colored by the inaudible roar of the V8.

Either way, both cars are famous for bringing the joy of driving into your life. It’s not so much about raw speed, because a hundred in just under five seconds in the world of today’s multimillion-dollar sports cars won’t blow anyone’s pants off, and there isn’t as much cross-country playfulness as with smaller and sharper road bullets, but… who cares if you’re talking in a wonderful interior of a magnificent car that is a joy to drive, and an even greater joy to step on the gas pedal again and again and hear the squeal of those eight mugs. You will even forget about the terrible infotainment with clumsy controls…

The Lexus LC isn’t a perfect car, but even with its faults and flaws, it’s just… perfect. It makes sense? You don’t have to, you just have to like it, because you won’t see such beauty on four wheels. And believe me, looking at it will make you happy every time even after many years – and what about driving it. And the sound! It is simply beautiful.

If you fell in love with the LC 500, then immediately squeeze three million from your account and run to the nearest Lexus dealer to book the last production slots for you, because the LC is inevitably saying goodbye and there is seriously the last chance to buy it new. If you don’t, you’ll regret it forever.

Specifications LC 500 coupe LC 500 roadster
Motor gasoline, fork eight-cylinder, atmospheric, located in the front longitudinally
Displacement volume 4,969 cm3
Performance 341 kW (464 hp) at 7,100 rpm.
Torque 530 Nm at 4,800 rpm.
Transmission ten-speed automatic
Tree rear wheels
Operating weight 1,965 kilograms 2 055 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 4.7 seconds 5,0 s
Maximal speed 270 km/h
Consumption (combined) 11.5 l/100 km 11.7 l/100 km
Fuel tank volume 82 liters
Wheels and tires 245/40 R21 front, 275/35 R21 rear
Dimensions (length/width/height) 4,770/1,920/1,345 millimeters
Wheelbase 2,870 millimeters
Volume of the luggage compartment 197 liters 149 l