Tesla is known for its poor workmanship in its early models, so when we learned that a five-year-old Model X with a high mileage after a work trailer was going on sale, we didn’t hesitate for a minute and set off for Brno.

Photo: Jakub Misík

The Tesla in question traveled most of the kilometers with an attached load (plateau, trailer).

There, Roman Kosek was already waiting for us, whom you may know from the article about car transport with Tesla and a trip around the world in a Subaru. And it is his truck with a mileage of almost 419,000 kilometers that is the subject of the most driven Model X in the Czech Republic, which was confirmed by the Czech representative of the car company itself.

The life of the car was such that it was purposefully purchased for the transport of heavy cars and goods with covered and uncovered trailers. This red Model X has been through Europe more times than a busy pizzeria has phone calls on a Friday night. To the hard life of the tow truck must also be added the constant fast charging, as the car experienced slow current feeding no more than three times during the entire period of operation.

Photo: Jakub Misík

Fast charging? Except for three cases of daily bread of the wagon.

So, absolutely ideal factors have come together that, according to general rules, should completely eliminate such an electric car. A car from a young car company that is just learning to manufacture. Permanently under load, towing trailers, quick charging and then towing again. In short, an ideal combination to make the car potentially interesting only for junkyard owners, but…

The inspection of the body did not show us anything terrible, on the contrary, we were surprised. Apart from a few scratches around the exposed areas such as the doors and hood, the car was in decent condition, including the quality of the paint. Only at the back did we find two physical damages caused by reversing and a slightly damaged driver’s mirror cover. The glass was also fine, but the front and rear were replaced with new ones during operation. However, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this car has almost 420,000 kilometers on it.

Photo: Jakub Misík

The wear of the interior does not correspond to high mileage, its condition is very decent.

He was also surprised by the state of the interior. The steering wheel has not been touched or scratched, the side of the driver’s seat is in beautiful condition. However, the manufacturer is also to blame for this, as he strengthened the side parts. Practically the most wear and tear was shown on the covers of the storage areas, the wireless mobile phone charger and the drink carrier. Again, don’t turn on the alarm clock what is on, you won’t recognize the raid.

A scarecrow called a flashlight

We rented a car for a few days and before we left Brno for Hradec, we talked about battery capacity and range, which also affects the current winter season. Originally, the battery with a gross capacity of 100 kWh (usable 95 kWh) fell by less than 20% after almost 419,000 km.

In practice, this means a decrease in the theoretical maximum range of about 70 km, both in summer and winter. The consumption of an empty car is about 20-25 kWh per hundred in summer and about 25-30 kWh per hundred in winter. If we average it over the whole year, we are at some 25 kWh per hundred combined, including the connection of highways.

Photo: Jakub Misík

At a defensive pace, the Model X can be driven under 25 kWh even in winter.

Originally, the empty car managed an average of some 380 real km per charge, now we are at 310 km. Also interesting was the long-term data of the on-board computer after 200,000 km, which showed a combined consumption of 33 kWh per hundred, however, most of them were with towing.

The charging speed also dropped, when the vehicle reaches the so-called peak (highest charging value), but it soon drops. Once the battery is somewhere around 75%, the charging speed is already quite slow. In order to conveniently charge the car even outside the Tesla Supercharger network, this piece has finished wiring and a removable reduction to use the standard CCS Combo connector.

Photo: Jakub Misík

The car’s battery degraded by less than 20%.

However, the battery as such is not yet dead according to the manufacturer, i.e. beyond the limited warranty capacity. When this happens, the car will report this fact itself. However, the new owner of the car will still have a valid 2.5-year warranty on it (it also applies to the drivetrain), and if by then the battery degrades sufficiently below the limit level, it will receive a different one from Tesla, refurbished, but with fresh capacity. And that pays off, as Horst Fuchs († 11/07/2023) would say.

Roman also told us that he requested an offer from Tesla to replace the traction battery, which would cost him CZK 450,000 without VAT, i.e. CZK 544,500 with tax. Of course, with the fact that he would leave the old Tesla battery. She would probably refurbish it and sell it on.

Two flies, but nothing else

During the drive, we were pleased with the huge windshield, thanks to which you don’t have to crouch at traffic lights and have a wide view of what’s going on around you. We deliberately left the audio off on selected sections and listened to the work of the original air suspension.

Photo: Jakub Misík

Overall, the car is pleasantly glazed, but the biggest hit is the windshield.

You can already feel some wear on bumps, especially the bigger ones, so going over a bump will slightly vibrate a few components in the interior. There was also a slight backlash in the steering, but that’s about all the car was affected by. If there were 280,000 km less on the warning lights of the car, there would be no reason not to believe such a raid.

More experienced “carpenters” can discover the installation of a newer info system inside for 75,000 CZK, which is faster and offers more functions. Whether it’s an LTE connection, YouTube, Netflix, games and other gadgets that come in handy while waiting for the charger. However, one of the main brains of the car does not deal only with entertainment, but processes data from the Autopilot cameras in more detail, which is why this particular piece has a more advanced semi-autonomous Full Self Driving system compared to contemporary factory series cars (among other things, the original extra charge of CZK 200,000).

Photo: Jakub Misík

The tested piece has a finished advanced info system, so it will offer more functions.

We also focused on the well-known error rate of Tesla’s info systems, however, except for one problem with Spotify taking a long time to load and one problem with the sound, everything worked like a Swiss watch, including managing the car via the mobile app. In short, the malfunctioning sensation did not happen.

Service (un)cost

It was also very important to add up the service costs, so we interviewed Roman about how much money and for what he had to pour into the car in the course of less than 419,000 km.

  • after 400,000 km, the car received new brake discs and pads for CZK 14,000
  • the lower arms of the front axle cost 24,000 CZK
  • semi-axles as part of the Tesla offer (original jerks during a sharp start) cost 9,000 CZK
  • repair of the charging socket was for CZK 6,000
  • the recommended tires (CZK 24,000/set) were changed every 40,000 km, a total of CZK 200,000
  • wipers, washer fluid and other overhead material, approximately CZK 10,000

In total, this red Tesla Model X bought new in the Netherlands with an original price of three million without VAT after less than 419,000 km of hard work and fast charging cost about 263,000 CZK at the service. The biggest item was branded and manufacturer recommended tires, which were 40,000 km each for replacement.

Photo: Jakub Misík

The car cost about 263,000 CZK to be serviced, with most of the money going to the recommended tires.

Charging at public stations was then either free within the Tesla network, or according to the price list of other providers.

You can buy it for under a million

We expected that after this portion of kilometers, in addition to towing behind the back and fast charging in the blood, this most driven Model X in the Czech Republic would look worse than the seven-seat BMW from 2003 after the ninth owner. Moreover, Tesla, only a young manufacturer that is learning…

However, the result is surprising, if not shocking. A high-speed car just doesn’t look like it, it doesn’t feel like it, and apart from battery degradation (but still within tolerance and with an ongoing warranty), there aren’t many factors that would tell you anything about the fact that the car’s digital tachometer is currently six digits long and starts with a four.

The age-old rule is confirmed here too, that the fewer owners/drivers a particular car has experienced and if it has received adequate care, it will reflect positively on it. And this most used Tesla Model X in the Czech Republic is proof of that. In addition, it is for sale and can be yours for 800,000 CZK without VAT (968,000 CZK with VAT). So what, are you going to make yourself happy?