We enjoy Japanese kei cars, we would welcome so much style on a cleverly small footprint in local markets as well.

At the Japan Mobility Show, Daihatsu flashed three electric and one gasoline microcar concepts. The first of these is the divine Osanpo convertible, which combines retro style with total simplicity at just 3.4 meters in length. It appears to be an ideal leisure and excursion vehicle for movement in the fresh air – in the gallery, notice the exposed shock absorbers and springs, as well as the minimalist interior with a two-spoke steering wheel.

You've probably never seen Daihatsu Copen like this before.  The cute sports car is now a rugged off-roader

We also have Uniform Cargo and Uniform Truck – a mini van and a compact truck with a length of 3395 mm. Next up is the Me:Mo concept, a square-shaped passenger car with slender pillars and generous glazing – this one is 2995 millimeters long!

And the best thing to finish, the Vision Copen concept, which could be the future third generation of the mini-cabriolet, produced since 2002. It stands on a wheelbase of 2415 mm, the overall length is 3835 mm and the width is only 1695 mm.

While the predecessors had engines up to 660 cm on the domestic Japanese market3 to fall into the category of kei cars with better insurance and taxation (larger engines were also available for other markets), the Vision Copen concept features a 1.3 liter unit with an unspecified output.