When the British-Chinese brand MG came to the Czech market, everyone thought that it had no chance of breaking through, but it turned out not to be the case. In one of the first interviews, the Czech representative office revealed that it would like to match the Japanese Mazda in domestic sales, which it finally succeeded in one year. And now figure skating continues in the Czech Republic.

Photo: Tomáš Kopečný

The driving force behind the brand in the Czech Republic is a compact SUV named ZS.

The ZS model is the driving force behind the MG. It is a compact SUV with front-wheel drive, which does not save space and will basically offer a “normal” four-cylinder gasoline atmospheric engine of 1.5 liters (106 hp), which cooperates with a five-speed manual transmission. Standard equipment includes bi-LED lights, six airbags, parking sensors, climate control, an audio system with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto support, 17-inch alloy wheels and other elements.

The basic color is white, with other varnishes with an additional charge of CZK 15,000 then blue, orange, red, silver and black. The vehicle is guaranteed for 7 years or 150,000 kilometers and there are more than 20 authorized centers in the Czech Republic.

Photo: Jiří Cermák

Duster was beaten, albeit by a few thousand, but it was.

At first, the MG ZS cost just under 425,000 CZK, then just under 445,000 CZK including metallics. Even after the increase in price, it was an interesting offer, competitive even against Dacia, but now a big price offensive has started.

Equipment Motorization Special price
Essential 1.5 DVVT + 5st. man. 399,940 CZK
Emotion 1.5 DVVT + 5st. man. 439,940 CZK
Elegance 1.0 TGI + 6st. man. 479,940 CZK
Exclusive 1.0 TGI + 6st. or 529,940 CZK

Now the basic MG ZS comes out just below the 400,000 CZK mark, and this is the amount that the British-Chinese brand beat even the Romanian Duster (from 410,500 CZK). The price/utility value ratio for ZS is thus currently even more attractive.

Sure, it’s an affordable car with certain compromises and ailments, but for that money you won’t find much more interesting (new, not used) and similarly equipped pieces. However, the offer is on sale and the price list is valid until the end of October, so if you are interested in the MG ZS, hurry up. The car is currently at its all-time low price.